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Lamborghini’s $4M Veneno Recalled For Fire Risk

Just the latest among ultra-exclusive cars to face recall.

by on Feb.16, 2017

Lamborghini Veneno shown during its debut at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show.

When you’re spending $4 million for an automobile you might expect it to do lots of things, including topping out at more than 200 miles an hour. What you probably wouldn’t expect it to do is go up in flames.

But that’s precisely what could happen, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration which has published a recall notice covering all 12 of the 12-cylinder supercars that Lamborghini introduced in 2013 to celebrate its 50th anniversary. The government warns that “under certain conditions,” the rare collectible two-seater could catch fire.

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The Lamborghini Veneno may be one of the most expensive automobiles ever recalled, but it is far from the only exotic and exclusive car to face a service action as a result of an unexpected safety defect. That list includes such high-line brands as Aston Martin, Ferrari, Maserati and even Rolls-Royce.


Now it’s Seatbelts…as Toyota Recalls Nearly 3 Mil SUVs Worldwide

Belts in RAV4 SUV could fail during a crash.

by on Feb.18, 2016

About 1.1 million Toyota RAV4 SUVs sold in the U.S. are covered by the new recall.

Toyota is recalling nearly 3 million vehicles – including more than 1 million sold in the U.S. – because their safety belts might fail in a crash.

The move comes as another setback in an industry that has suffered from a record number of recalls two years in a row – many of those service actions involving devices meant to protect passengers in a crash. Toyota has been one of 14 manufacturers who have so far had to recall about 24 million vehicles sold in the U.S. because of defective Takata-made airbags linked to at least 10 deaths.

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This recall involves second-row seatbelts that may inadvertently come in contact with a metal seatbelt frame. In turn, that could cause the belts to become frayed and unable to restrain an occupant in the event of a frontal crash.


What’s Behind the Recall Frenzy?

by on Apr.11, 2014

BMW today increased its recall count for an engine bolt problem to nearly 500,000 vehicles.

Are the cars on our highways getting more dangerous?  That might be a logical assumption considering the rapid rise in recalls over the last five years.  In 2013, a total of 22 million vehicles were involved in recalls in the U.S. alone, up about 20% from the previous year, according to federal data, and the pace is only accelerating.

Since the beginning of the year, General Motors alone has issued recall notices for approximately 6.3 million vehicles – about 40% of those due to faulty ignition switches linked to at least 31 crashes and 13 fatalities.  On Wednesday, Toyota announced it was recalling 6.4 million of its own vehicles – 6.7 million if you include products it also assembled for other manufacturers.

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While not all of those Toyota products were sold in the States, preliminary data suggest about 11 million cars, trucks and crossovers have been covered by U.S. recalls during just the first 14 weeks of this year, roughly half as many as during all of 2013. And over the past year, it was hard to find a single maker not on the list, large or small, from mainstream brands like Ford, Toyota and Volkswagen, to that most exclusive of marques, Rolls-Royce.


BMW Recalling 176,000 Luxury Models

Power Brake System Can Fail

by on Oct.01, 2013

The BMW Z4 is one of a wide range of roadsters, crossovers and sedans covered by the recall.

BMW will recall a wide range of its luxury models due to a potential problem that could cause the vehicles’ power brakes to fail.

It’s the upscale German maker’s second recall in less than two weeks and follows a service action covering taillight problems on older 5-Series vehicles.

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The new recall covers a total of 176,000 vehicles and, according to BMW is due to a rare problem in which the oil supply to a small part can be disrupted.  If that happens, it would result in the loss of power braking assist.  However, the maker says the driver should still be able to bring the vehicle to a stop by using harder pressure on the brake pedal.

The recall covers 76,200 vehicles sold in the U.S., and involves a wide range of BMW products including: (more…)

GM Recalls Over 400,000 Chevrolet Cruze Sedans

Maker cites potential fire hazard.

by on Jun.22, 2012

More than 400,000 Chevrolet Cruze sedans are covered by a new recall.

It’s been a busy year for automotive safety regulators – and dealer service shops – with a growing number of makers announcing recalls including a series of problems that could potentially lead to vehicle fires.

The latest on that list is General Motors.  The Maker says it is recalling 413,418 late-model Chevrolet Cruze sedans to modify the engine shield under the vehicle.  And a small number of vehicles involved in that service action could be covered by a separate recall covering 249 vehicles that may not have had their fuel tank straps properly welded into place.

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“The most important thing for our customers to know is that we are proactively working to assure the Cruze is the safe and durable car they purchased,” said GM vice president of Global Quality Alicia Boler-Davis. “We are sorry for any inconvenience caused by these actions.”

The maker says it knows of no crashes, fatalities or injuries connected with either recall, though reports of two fires spurred the bigger recall.