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White Now the #1 Color With Car Buyers

Silver takes a back seat, while Purple Spritz is on hold.

by on Oct.06, 2011

White is hip enough that Kia used it for this White Tiger Soul Concept car.

Henry Ford liked to tell his customers they could order a Model T in any color they wanted “as long as it’s black.” That certainly wouldn’t fly today, the automotive world awash in bright hues that cover the spectrum for pearlescent purple to flaming red.

But while a maker like Bentley might offer as many as 20 different shades – and even permit buyers to opt for additional custom colors – the reality is that the vast majority of buyers opt for only a handful of hues.  And white was the top pick for American motorists during the 2011 model-year.

At 21%, white not only rolled into the top spot but displaced the perennial favorite, silver, which slipped just a micron behind black, which proved a favorite with one in five U.S. motorists, according to top-tier paint supplier PPG.

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With white, black and silver all coming in at over 20%, the rest of the spectrum had to pick up the scraps.  Gray – which also includes similar hues like pewter – was the choice of 13% of buyers.  The other shades fell below 10%, starting with red, at 9%, blue at 8%, “natural” shades, like beige, at 6%, and all others garnered a minimal 2% combined.