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Cadillac Turns to Teddy Roosevelt in New Ad Campaign

New ad campaign debuting during Oscars broadcast.

by on Feb.19, 2015

Cadillac's new Dare Greatly ad campaign focuses on scenes from New York, rather than product.

Where are the rocks and trees?

A new ad campaign from Cadillac takes a big detour from the traditional automotive marketing approach. Rather than focus on one of the luxury maker’s products, such as the new CTS-V performance sedan, it picks up on one of the more inspiring speeches delivered by President Theodore Roosevelt back in 1910.

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To some observers, it has brought to mind the controversial approach introduced for the 1989 launch of the then-new Infiniti brand which focused on a zen-like natural environment, rather than product. Except the rocks and trees of that campaign have been traded for a slow-motion rendering of New York – which just happens to be where Cadillac is moving its headquarters this year.

“It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better,” declared Roosevelt at the Sorbonne in Paris on April 23, 1910.


Cadillac ATS-V the “Next Chapter,” Says New Brand Boss

High-performance model will introduce no-lift stick-shift.

by on Nov.20, 2014

Johan de Nysschen, Cadillac's new boss, noted the performance of the new Cadillac ATS-V is "perfect for the Autobahn."

When the new Cadillac ATS-V comes to market next year, the compact performance model will introduce a new feature the luxury maker is calling “no-lift shift.” Buyers who opt for the six-speed manual transmission will be able to keep their foot flat on the floor, rather than lifting off the accelerator to change gears, explained new Caddy brand boss Johan de Nysschen.

It’s an appropriate metaphor for what the South African-born executive has in mind for Cadillac. The launch of the ATS-V – available in both sedan and coupe trim – comes at the start of “the next chapter” for General Motors’ flagship brand. And there’ll be plenty to follow, with an array of new performance models, sedans, coupes and an all-new flagship now in the development phase.

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“We have to shape consumer attitudes,” de Nysschen said during a preview at the Los Angeles Auto Show. It is all too apparent, he admitted, that luxury buyers no longer follow the brand or know “how competent our vehicles are.” (more…)

Caddy Revs Up With ATS-V.R Racer

“A 170-mph billboard.”

by on Nov.14, 2014

Cadillac hints the ATS-V.R will make "up to 600 hp."

What good is a performance car if you don’t prove the metal’s mettle on track? Apparently Cadillac came to the same conclusion and even before officially unveiling its new high-performance ATS-V, it’s confirming plans to go racing with the equally new ATS-V.R.

While the street model won’t put in its first public appearance until next week at the Los Angeles Auto Show, Cadillac lifted the covers on the race-spec model at the Circuit of the Americas, the Austin, Texas track that only recently hosted the U.S. Grand Prix.

A Real Performer!

The Cadillac ATS-V.R will get a significant boost over the already potent ATS-V model, the Detroit maker suggesting it will make “up to 600 horsepower.” It also will meet FIA GT3 specifications which would make it eligible to run in more than 30 different GT-series events around the world against such entrenched competitors as Aston Martin, Audi, BMW, Ferrari, McLaren and Porsche.


First Look: Cadillac ATS V-Series

New coupe set to make 450 hp.

by on Nov.11, 2014

Cadillac reveals its new ATS-V muscle car.

A week ahead of its formal debut at the Los Angeles Auto Show, we’re finally getting a look at some official images of the all-new Cadillac ATS-V coupe.

And in line with an earlier report from, it appears that the new pocket rocket will be churning out a blistering 450 horsepower and 445 pound-feet of torque from an upgraded version of the 3.6-liter twin-turbo V-6 currently offered in the Cadillac CTS V-Sport model.

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That will put it slightly ahead of the new BMW M3/M4 models in the horsepower wars, but just slightly under the new Mercedes-AMG C63.

Cadillac is hoping that the new ATS-V will put a much-needed halo around the brand. General Motors’ flagship division has won plenty of praise for its compact line but sales, so far, have lagged expectations.


Cadillac Confirms New ATS-V Debut in LA

First V-Series model to go V-6.

by on Oct.31, 2014

Cadillac will up the performance quotient of the ATS sedan and coupe models with a new V-Series.

True, it might be lifting another maker’s tagline, but Cadillac will be going “vroom, vroom,” when it rolls into the Los Angeles Auto Show a couple weeks from now.

General Motors’ once-dominant luxury brand is planning a massive expansion of its product line-up over the next few years, and it will start bottom to top with the roll-out of the all-new ATS-V, the maker has confirmed. It’s the first high-performance version of the compact sedan and coupe models, and the first V-Series addition in some years.

Power Up!

The debut will be equally significant if, as expected, the top-secret powertrain that will be used in the new ATS-V proves to be a twin-turbo V-6. That would mark the first time Caddy’s V-Series line shifts away from the classic V-8s that it has traditionally relied on.


Cadillac to Reveal New ATS-V at LA Auto Show

New performance model will be first from Caddy to go with a V-6.

by on Aug.28, 2014

The ATS is going high performance with a V-Series option that will be on display at the LA Auto Show in November and in showrooms in early 2015.

Cadillac will introduce an all-new performance model at the L.A. Auto Show in November, the new ATS-V sedan expected to target the formidable compact luxury segment benchmark the BMW M3.

It will be the first new V-Series model introduced in several years, and precedes the next-generation CTS-V model that Cadillac is also developing. That model is expected to debut early next year as one of several key new offerings the maker is currently working on, including an all-new flagship sedan.

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The new ATS-V will be powered, according to several Cadillac sources who have spoken to, by a version of the twin-turbo V-6 that was launched recently for the new CTS V-Sport, and is expected to match or slightly exceed the power of the latest BMW M3, which also uses a twin-turbo V-6 powerplant. (more…)

GM Greenlights New Cadillac Flagship

Sedan to target 7-Series segment; concept likely in early 2013.

by on Jul.23, 2012

A follow-up to the Cadillac Ciel concept, closer to the planned Caddy flagship, is due early next year.

After much internal debate General Motors has apparently agreed to give Cadillac the resources it needs to give serious chase to its European competitors, notably by approving a new 7-Series competitor that will serve as the domestic maker’s flagship sedan.

As recently reported, the new model – which will be heavily influenced by the recent Cadillac Ciel Concept – will be joined by a wide range of additional new Caddy products, including a downsized crossover and a V-Series version of the new ATS entry-luxury sedan.

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The new model will also cap Cadillac’s push to finally become a truly global brand.  Though insiders tell the Ciel-based flagship is likely to develop particularly strong demand in China, Caddy also hopes that it can provide a halo in Europe, where the brand has long struggled for traction.

The Bureau has been told that a concept version of the new premium luxury model could appear as early as next January’s Detroit Auto Show.