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by on Nov.20, 2009

International Road Safety Conference underway in Russia

Hundreds of representatives have gathered in the land of terrible drivers and worse roads, Russia, to attend the “First Global Ministerial Conference on Road Safety.” It’s sponsored by the United Nations World Health Organization to help reduce the number of deaths from auto accidents, which now number 1,300,000 worldwide.

Requested by the UN General Assembly, the event represents an opportunity to make progress on tackling a leading cause of death and disability. As many as 1000 government ministers, representatives of UN agencies, officials from civil society organizations, leaders of private companies, and many other road safety experts will attend.

Participants will draw attention to the need for action to address the large and growing global impact of road traffic crashes, review progress on implementation of the World report on road traffic injury prevention, and share information and good practices on road safety. It is anticipated that participants will issue a clear call for a Decade of Action for Road Safety 2011-2020.

This conference could propose international legislation covering road safety and the vehicle’s occupants and pedestrians.

Interestingly only 3 U.S. of 376 writers have been accredited for the conference, which could produce some changes around the world. Click Here for more info.

Another environmental commercial from DDB Sweden for VW

This is another in an interesting, entertaining and thoughtful commercials on conservation and ecological initiatives. Click Here.

Not your everyday garages

If you owned a personal fleet of exotic, classic or rare automobiles where is the best place to store and display them? In a garage of course. Ah, but the choice of style and design is practically limitless. More and more luxury homes are including the newest real estate status symbol – a luxurious garage. Click Here.