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Cadillac Casting Agency Condemned for Seeking “Neo-Nazi”

Casting notice sought extremist for ad on unity.

by on Dec.12, 2016

A scene from a Cadillac ad that ran on the Oscars promoting the new CT6 sedan.

Cadillac is “unequivocally condemn(ing)” an ad placed by a casting agency seeking people who identify themselves as “neo-Nazi” or “alt-right” after the search drew widespread condemnation on social media.

After word began to spread, the casting agency removed the neo-Nazi reference, but the revised version said the agency was looking for “any and all real alt-right thinkers/believers.” Ironically, the casting call was reportedly meant to draw a wide mix of people from “all walks of life in America,” the agency explained, noting they would be shown “standing together as a union.”

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“Cadillac did not authorize or approve a casting notice for an ‘alt-right’ role in a commercial,” the General Motors luxury brand said in a statement after it was contacted by “We unequivocally condemn the notice and are seeking immediate answers from our creative agency, production company and any casting companies involved.”


Expansive Cadillac Product Plan Getting Squeezed

Product portfolio delayed, some models could be cut.

by on Aug.25, 2016

Cadillac smooths out the edges of its Art & Design design language with the Escala concept.

(This story has been updated to include additional insight into Cadillac plans, including the brand halo product frequently referred to as the CT8.)

Cadillac offered a hint of its future design direction last week, in the form of the Escala concept car unveiled at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance. But plans to launch a large luxury sedan that might share that design theme have been delayed and could even be cut, has learned.

With General Motors’ flagship luxury brand struggling to boost U.S. sales, despite the addition of several new models, Caddy is facing the prospect that the aggressive product growth strategy outlined by brand boss Johan de Nysschen will be sharply paired back, according to various company sources and industry observers. Among the projects being delayed are the full-size sedan, which was expected to be called either the CT8 or CT9, but also the twin-turbo V-8 that would be used to power it.

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While the South African-born de Nysschen declined to discuss specific changes to the Cadillac product program, he did indicate there could be some slowdowns during a conversation following the reveal of the Escala show car. The twin-turbo V-8, for example, might not make it into production until “the next-generation CT6.” Since biggest sedan in Caddy’s current fleet just came to market, that might mean the high-performance engine wouldn’t be available until around the 2023 or 2024 model-year.


Cadillac Still Has Plans for Halo Car

Full-size premium model still a go; several halo alternatives under study.

by on Jul.03, 2013

The debut of the Cadillac Ciel concept led many Caddy fans to hope the maker would soon launch one or more "halo" cars.

Were Mark Twain covering the auto beat he might begin by declaring that reports of the death of Cadillac’s planned “halo” car have been greatly exaggerated.

There’ve been several widely discussed stories over the past few days suggesting that Cadillac has given up on a planned $100,000 “show-stopper,” possibly based on the Cadillac Ciel concept vehicle because General Motors bean-counters couldn’t pencil in an appropriate business case to justify the necessary investment. has been advised that, indeed, a “large luxury” model has been scrapped from the Cadillac plan. But several sources have stressed that the decision had more to do with the potential for that specific design than anything else.

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That does not impact the ongoing development of a large, rear-wheel-drive model that will sit atop the current Caddy lineup-topping XTS model. And preliminary work continues on several other possible halo vehicles that would be based off that big car’s platform.

It’s likely the luxury maker will reveal more when it unveils a large luxury concept at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance in August, has learned.


Caddy Targets BMW with New Twin-Turbo V-6

High-output engine to power new CTS sedan, upgraded XTS.

by on Mar.18, 2013

Cadillac's new twin-turbo V-6 is the most powerful engine of its type ever at GM.

It could be a critical year for Cadillac, the U.S. luxury maker hoping to take European competitors like BMW down a peg with an assortment of new products – and a new twin-turbo V-6 powertrain that it will be introducing later this year.

The all-new engine will make its debut under the hood of the third-generation Cadillac CTS that’s also scheduled to be unveiled at the New York Auto Show later this month. A first for General Motors, the twin-turbo V-6 “will be a signature feature” for the Cadillac brand, proclaimed David Leone, the maker’s executive chief engineer, during a Monday morning preview.

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The CTS itself will undergo some major changes for the 2014 model-year, the sedan expected to grow slightly larger to create some distance from Cadillac’s base model, the ATS, and to more directly target imports like the vaunted BMW 5-Series, Audi A6 and Mercedes-Benz E-Class.


Cadillac Gets New Global Boss

This time, can it really go global?

by on Oct.09, 2012

Cadillac's new global chief Robert Ferguson comes to GM from the telcomm world.

Cadillac is getting a new boss as General Motors names senior executive Robert E. Ferguson to lead “the global growth” and development of the company’s premium luxury brand.

Ferguson’s position is a new one and underscores the importance GM Chief Executive Officer Dan Akerson is placing on finally transforming Cadillac into a true global competitor for German luxury brands such as Mercedes-Benz, BMW and fast-growing Audi.

Perhaps not so coincidentally, GM also announced more details about its plans for launching the new XTS compact luxury sedan in China, a critical step in Caddy’s efforts to grow beyond North America’s borders.

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In the newly created position of vice president, global Cadillac, Ferguson will be responsible for marketing, brand management and advertising for Cadillac in markets around the world, GM said. Ferguson’s appointment is effective immediately and he will report directly to GM chairman and CEO Dan Akerson. Responsibility for actual sales is also expected to transition to Ferguson in the new year, GM officials said.


GM Greenlights New Cadillac Flagship

Sedan to target 7-Series segment; concept likely in early 2013.

by on Jul.23, 2012

A follow-up to the Cadillac Ciel concept, closer to the planned Caddy flagship, is due early next year.

After much internal debate General Motors has apparently agreed to give Cadillac the resources it needs to give serious chase to its European competitors, notably by approving a new 7-Series competitor that will serve as the domestic maker’s flagship sedan.

As recently reported, the new model – which will be heavily influenced by the recent Cadillac Ciel Concept – will be joined by a wide range of additional new Caddy products, including a downsized crossover and a V-Series version of the new ATS entry-luxury sedan.

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The new model will also cap Cadillac’s push to finally become a truly global brand.  Though insiders tell the Ciel-based flagship is likely to develop particularly strong demand in China, Caddy also hopes that it can provide a halo in Europe, where the brand has long struggled for traction.

The Bureau has been told that a concept version of the new premium luxury model could appear as early as next January’s Detroit Auto Show.


Cadillac Has Big Plans for China, Starting with Production of the New XTS

Local production, more products, expanded sales goals.

by on Apr.24, 2012

Cadillac confirms it will build the XTS in China.

Cadillac isn’t content largely sitting on the sidelines in what is rapidly becoming the world’s largest luxury car market.  But until recently, it was a relatively insignificant player in China, the Asian nation’s high-line consumers focusing primarily on European products from the likes of BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Bentley.

Already struggling to regain its role as a leader in the U.S., Caddy has some aggressive plans to gain ground in China – and it certainly doesn’t hurt that its parent, General Motors, is the booming Asian market’s number one manufacturer.

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Among the key steps Cadillac has planned, it will soon begin producing several key products in China including the all-new XTS flagship, a move that will sidestep tariffs China recently raised on U.S.-made luxury vehicles.  But the maker also plans to ramp up the pace of new model introductions and some of those products could very well be designed specifically with China in mind – much as sibling GM brand Buick has been heavily influenced by its large presence in China.


Caddy Betting Big on Planned “Sub-CTS”

GM luxury division also developing all-new STS flagship

by on Apr.09, 2009

A newly reinvigorated Cadillac is planning a new "sub-CTS," an alternative to the current, unloved BLS, which should become the brand's global best-seller.

A newly reinvigorated Cadillac is planning a new "sub-CTS," an alternative to the current, unloved BLS, which should become its global best-seller.

Hoping to kick-start the struggling Cadillac division, one of the “bookends” of a downsized and restructured General Motors, the automaker will replace one of its most important products and add a new model that could become its global best-seller, a senior GM executive tells

The shake-up at the ailing maker has forced a complete rethinking of its luxury car strategy.  Of GM’s three high-line brands, two – Hummer and Saab – will soon go away, notes Steve Shannon, marketing chief at the automaker’s Premium Channel.

That means Cadillac will have to carry the weight alone, though it’s not necessarily a bad thing, Shannon is quick to add. If anything, the elimination of those two premium brands, along with more mainstream Saturn, and the sharp reductions at Pontiac should mean more resources for Caddy.

“Cadillac (will) be a beneficiary of not having so many mouths to feed,” Shannon says, as he settles back at the GM booth at the 2009 New York International Auto Show.


Spy Shots: 2011 Cadillac CTS Coupe V-series still alive!

The last trick for GM's disbanded high-performance team?

by on Feb.26, 2009

2011 Caddy CTS Coupe V-Series: the last trick from GM's high-performance team?

2011 Caddy CTS Coupe V-Series: the last trick from GM's high-performance team?

Last week GM shocked enthusiasts by announcing that the High Performance Vehicle Operations team was being disbanded. The HPVO crew, responsible for the V-series Cadillacs, Chevy Cobalt SS and HHR SS were said to be off working on regular cars now. These photos, shot in the last 24 hours, show the hipo team has one more trick up their sleeve.

The last time we saw a CTS Coupe V-series prototype was August 2008. It’s absence since then combined with GM’s Viability plan submitted to Congress had many thinking the hot rod coupe had been killed off. These new photos show the V-series coupe is alive and well!