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Long Just a Rumor, Mid-Engine Corvette May Soon Become Reality

And is a Cadillac supercar also in the works?

by on Aug.04, 2016

A rendering of a possible mid-engine Corvette from Car & Driver, which has long chased the story.

In the classic Humphrey Bogart film, The Maltese Falcon, detective Sam Spade gets caught up in the chase for a jewel-encrusted bird, it’s “the stuff that dreams are made of,” he says. For sports car fans, especially those who’ve long waited to see General Motors finally deliver a true world-beater, the stuff of dreams is the long-rumored, mid-engine Corvette.

The search has long consumed veteran Detroit journalists like Don Sherman who remains convinced the project is real. And there are growing signs he is right – at least if a flurry of recent whispers and rumors, as well as articles and reports in outlets as diverse as the Detroit News and Car & Driver prove accurate.

There is an unusual twist to this long-running tail being bandied about. Might the mid-engine prototype spotted a number of times in recent months not actually be earmarked for Chevrolet, however? Might this supposedly ultimate Corvette actually be destined to serve as the halo car for the Cadillac brand, a challenge to the likes of the newly updated Audi R8 and reborn Acura NSX?

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For their part, General Motors officials remain mum. The stock answer is that the automaker doesn’t discuss future projects. And, the reality is, even some of the company’s more senior officials don’t really know. As several current and former Corvette project members stress, that is a highly compartmentalized team operating in its own little world.


Viper Defanged as Chrysler Halts Production

Slow sales lead to two-month plant shutdown.

by on Mar.19, 2014

Storm clouds brewing for Viper as sales plunge?

It may be one of the fastest cars on the market, but the SRT Viper has also proven to be one of the slowest off dealer lots, and unexpectedly weak sales have forced parent Chrysler to shut down production for nearly three months – though some sources suggest that could stretch on until well into the summer.

The Viper has never been a high-volume product, especially when compared to General Motors’ Chevrolet Corvette. But demand has lagged unexpectedly since the Viper nameplate was revived last year after several years out of production.

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Total sales came to just 591 in 2013 and have been on a downward trend this winter – even as Chevy struggles to keep up with demand for the all-new, seventh-generation “C7” Corvette.

Officially, production of the Viper is set to go on hiatus at the end of the week of April 14, with the Connor Avenue Assembly Plant scheduled to start back up during the week of June 23. That move follows an earlier production cut announced last autumn due to weak sales.


Corvette Customers Face Potential Six-Month Backlog

Many dealers also adding stiff premium to price tag.

by on Sep.30, 2013

You could be in for a long wait for the new 2014 Corvette Stingray, Chevy warns.

Even as dealers begin delivering the first of the new 2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingrays to customers, many buyers could be in for a long wait, General Motors officials are warning – and a potentially stiff premium.

The new Corvette continues to garner a wave of strongly positive reviews, while buyers also appear to be strongly attracted to a $51,995 base price that is significantly lower than key competitors, such as the Porsche 911. But many dealers are acknowledging that early customers are ponying up anywhere from $5,000 to $20,000 extra to jump to the head of the line.

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“We probably have six months’ worth of orders,” said Chevrolet General Marketing Manager Chris Perry, adding that some dealers have already reported selling out their initial allocation. And Chevy won’t even begin to fill the order bank for the new Corvette Convertible until early next year.


Chevy May Drop 600-hp Twin-Turbo V-8 Into New Corvette Z07

Where does that put the next-gen Stingray ZR1?

by on Sep.03, 2013

Quick, quicker, quickest? Chevy will start rolling out even faster versions of the Stingray, apparently, for 2016 with the renamed Z07.

Like most automakers, General Motors doesn’t discuss future products – well, most of the time – and that includes the inevitable variants of the 2014 Chevrolet Corvette.  But Chevy officials don’t deny there are some spin-offs coming and considering the way the new Stingray has raised the hurdles, they’re going to have to deliver some serious numbers when the next-generation Z06 and ZR1 models roll into showrooms.

In fact, we may see some all new model designations to underscore what’s in store.  A new report suggests Chevy will opt to call its next model the Corvette Z07.  Considering the “base” version of the 2014 Stingray delivers roughly the same power and performance of the outgoing Z06, perhaps that’s no surprise.

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The C7, as folks have taken to calling the new ‘Vette, is a high-tech wonder, adopting such niceties as direct injection, variable valve-timing and the like. According to Car and Driver’s new report, the new Z07, which may be marketed as a 2016 model, will get even more technically sophisticated, starting with a twin-turbo V-8 it claims will have a displacement of “significantly less than 6.2 liters.”


Chevy to Offer Limited Edition Corvette Premiere Edition

Special model adds custom luggage – and Z51 performance package.

by on Jul.01, 2013

Thule will provide the Corvette Premier Edition's matching set of luggage.

The very first 2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray commanded a whopping $1.1 million when it went up on the auction block earlier this year. True, it was a charity benefit event but there are only so many dedicated Vette fans able to come up with cash like that.

Nonetheless, Chevy has something special for those on a bit tighter budget a special Corvette Premier Edition that will be offered in a limited run of just 500 models for an estimated $75,000 apiece.

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The news coincided with the 60th anniversary of the factory roll-out of the very first Corvette, Chevy working hard to prove the new model lives up to the so-called C7’s advanced billing. The maker pulled the wraps off during a special launch party at the National Corvette Museum – which is around the corner from where the seventh-generation sports car is getting ready to go into production.


First C7 Corvette Commands $1.1 Mil for Charity at Barrett-Jackson Auction

GM CEO Akerson's '58 Vette raises another $270,000.

by on Jan.20, 2013

2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray #1 drives up on the block at the 2014 Barrett-Jackson Auction. Photo Courtesy Drew Phillips,

It was a Corvette weekend at the annual Barrett-Jackson, one of the nation’s biggest classic car auctions, as bidders ran up big winning bids for both new and old versions of the 2-seater often referred to as “America’s sports car.”

Less than a week after the all-new, 2014 Chevrolet Corvette – the “C7” to insiders and aficionados – made its splashy debut at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, NASCAR team owner and Atlanta Chevy dealer Rick Hendrick won the bidding for the Corvette Stingray number one for a bid of $1.1 million.

(Back from the brink – the inside story of the 2014 Chevy Corvette Stingray. Click Here.)

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The money will go to the Detroit-based College for Creative Studies which runs one of the world’s most highly respected automotive design programs – and where several of the stylists who worked on the Corvette program were trained.


From C1 to C7: 60 Years of Corvette History

Our resident historian’s recollection of Corvettes then and now.

by on Jan.18, 2013

The C7 Corvette at its unveiling last weekend.’s resident historian, Mike Davis was yet to get his license when the first Corvette rolled into GM’s private auto show, known as Motorama, 60 years ago. But he’s been watching and reporting on every ‘Vette since then.

Davis recently released a series of books on the history of Chevrolet and with the new 2014 “C7” Chevrolet Corvette winning kudos as the star of this year’s Detroit Auto Show, we asked him for some remembrances about the Corvette, as well.  Here’s his tale.

The Last Word!

What in heck does C7 mean?  It’s the seventh reincarnation of America’s only regular production sports and racing car.  As shown in my Chevy V.1, as I refer to it, the first Corvette  (C1) began as a “concept car,” a one of-a-kind auto show queen, at General Motors’ Motorama at the Waldorf-Astoria in New York in January 1953.


GM CEO Auctioning Off His ‘58 Corvette

Proceeds will go to Habitat for Humanity.

by on Jan.17, 2013

GM CEO Dan Akerson will auction off his 1958 Corvette to raise money for Habitat for Humanity.

Want to buy a Corvette?  No, not the new C7 Chevrolet Corvette that made its splashy debut at the North American International Auto Show this past week.

The one going on the auction block at the Barrett-Jackson Auction in Scottsdale, Arizona on Friday January 17th has a bit more miles on the odometer, though it appears the relatively rare ’58 ‘Vette is in excellent condition.  It also happens to be the personal car of Dan Akerson, CEO of Chevy’s parent General Motors.

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The sale will be used to raise money for Habitat for Humanity, according to the maker, the proceeds specifically earmarked for the restoration of the Morningside Commons neighborhood not far from GM’s headquarters along the Detroit River.  Akerson has reportedly already given Habitat about $1 million of his own money during the past year.


Already Iconic – Chevy Bills the 2014 C7 Corvette as a True World-Beater

The 2014 Chevrolet Corvette by the numbers.

by on Jan.13, 2013

The C7, shown here at Sunday night's unveiling, will be the fastest and most powerful "base" Corvette ever.

You can forgive the first Corvette.  When it rolled out almost exactly 60 years ago, it was a stylish break from the heavy metal most U.S. manufacturers were producing at the time. But despite its striking looks it was a pretty primitive product, with a solid rear axle and a woefully under-powered straight-6 under the hood.

It didn’t take Chevrolet long to figure out what it had to work with, and over the decades, with each successive generation, the Corvette got bigger engines and more and more power.  Yet there’s a big difference between a muscle car and a sports car, and the divide between the Chevy 2-seater and European competitors like Porsche and Ferrari has only grown larger over the years.

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The outgoing ‘Vette, which has been in production since 2005, was perhaps the first in generations to suggest that Corvette could really produce a world-class sports car.  But at least on paper, the new C7 suggests that Chevy may really be ready to deliver a 2-seater that the competition should be worried about.

Here’s a quick look at some of the 2014 Chevrolet Corvette’s basics.


Coming Sunday, 7PM: 1st Look at C7 Corvette!

The exclusive inside story of Chevy's 1st true world-beater.

by on Jan.11, 2013

It almost didn’t happen.  Between General Motors’ bankruptcy and plenty of internal debate, the seventh-generation Chevrolet Corvette nearly failed to materialize. But after a two-year delay, the C7 is finally ready to make its tire-spinning debut. has seen it and we’ve got the inside story ready to reveal to readers on Sunday 7 PM ET. You’ll soon see why the all-new 2014 ‘Vette is already being called the most beautiful American sports car in half a century.