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Corvette Finds Buyer for “Pay to Build” Program

Talk show host to be first Corvette engine assisted builder.

by on Aug.24, 2010

Working on 'Vette number five.

In what is the world’s most hands-on super car program, customers who order a 2011 Corvette Z06 or ZR1 can choose an option to help assemble their cars’ LS7 or LS9 engine at the General Motors’ Performance Build Center (PBC) in Wixom, Michigan. This latest and innovative marketing program, called the Corvette Engine Build Experience, was announced in July. (See Build Your Own Corvette Engine Option Added)

Enter Todd Schnitt, whose fifth Corvette will be unlike any he has had before because he will “help” build the 638-horsepower supercharged V8 engine for his ZR1.

Schnitt, host of a Tampa-based syndicated radio show, purchased the first Corvette Engine Build Experience. He will be on the line at the PBC in on Monday, 30 August.

The Engine Build Experience has a suggested retail price of $5,800. Yes, you pay more to get your hands dirty by helping to assemble your $100,000 ‘Vette – as I said there’s marketing genius here.

As part of the pay to put your engine together option, a Chevrolet concierge is coordinating all travel and hotel arrangements with Schnitt, who will pay for them. When completed that Monday, the engine will be tracked and sent to the Corvette assembly plant in Bowling Green, Ky., where Schnitt’s ZR1 will be assembled with “his” engine shortly thereafter.

Hands On!

“When my dealer told me about the option it was like ‘Of course, I’ll do it, sign me up,” said Schnitt. “I can’t wait to get there and build my own LS9. It will be the ultimate personalization for my car. I’m anticipating it being one of the coolest things I’ve done in my life.”