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Plans for Buick “Volt” Not Yet Locked in Stone

GM sources deny a Buick version of Opel Ampera is on tap.

by on Mar.31, 2011

Some reports say Buick will get a version of the Opel Ampera plug-in, but sources say the brand will likely have to wait - then get a more distinctive variant of the Volt-based plug-in.

Not long ago written off for dead, the Buick brand is staging a remarkable recovery and, so far this year has outsold Lexus and come close to tackling BMW.  No wonder General Motors is rushing to expand Buick’s relatively modest line-up.

Could a plug-in hybrid be in the works?  That’s been the subject of some intense speculation in automotive and media circles, with some reports suggesting that the brand will soon get a version of the Chevrolet Volt – or more precisely, a version of the Opel Ampera, itself the restyled version of the Volt being launched by GM’s European subsidiary.

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Several well-placed sources confirmed that is one of the possibilities under consideration – and according to one of those, there are “a slew of opportunities we’re looking at.”  But don’t expect to see a Buick plug-in rolling into showrooms anytime soon, if the project even happens, those sources stress.  There are a variety of factors that will influence where GM next rolls out a product using the so-called Voltec drivetrain shared by Volt and Ampera.