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The Chinese Are Coming…In Fact, Some Already Are Here

And a lot more are coming, though some will be built in the U.S.

by on Oct.30, 2017

Volvo will soon add a stretched version of its XC90, the Chinese-made Inscription.

The Chinese are coming! The Chinese are coming! No, that’s not the call of a modern-day Paul Revere, but a warning we’ve been hearing around automotive circles for the better part of a decade.

A number of China’s domestic brands have shown off their wares at big auto events, including the Detroit and Los Angeles Auto Shows, but have yet to make the big leap across the Pacific and actually offer them for sale. That could happen in the very near future. We saw both Chery and Borgward reveal products earmarked for Europe at the Frankfurt Motor Show just two months ago and we’d not be surprised to see more Chinese products at the upcoming North American International Auto Show in Detroit come January.

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But for those who still wonder if and when the Chinese will get the quality, design, safety and content up to the demanding standards of the U.S. market, the answer is that they’re already there. And the big surprise is that at least three Chinese-made products are already on sale in the States, albeit wearing, Volvo, Buick and Cadillac badges – and with Ford soon to start bringing in a Chinese-made sedan.


Buick on Target for New Sales Record with 2 Months to Go

Global sales up 23% for the year.

by on Oct.18, 2016

The Buick Envision is the first Chinese-made vehicles sold by a major automaker in the U.S.

For a brand that came close to being shut down six years ago, Buick is showing solid signs of good health, the maker today reporting it has topped the 1 million sales mark in record time with more than two months of the year left to continue burnishing the total.

Worldwide, Buick sales are up 23% so far this year – but the numbers can be a misleading. While there is no question Buick is on a record pace, the maker still lags behind prior peaks in the U.S. What’s driving the Buick build-up is the brand’s continuing momentum in China, now its largest single market.

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In fact, General Motors officials have told that the only reason Buick was not cast aside – along with Saab, Saturn, Hummer and Pontiac – when the company emerged from bankruptcy in 2010 was because of the damage that would have caused in China.


Buick Confirms TDB Report: Will Halt Verano Production

Brand shifting focus to SUVs.

by on May.27, 2016

Heading off into the sunset, the Buick Verano.

General Motors  will end U.S. production and sales of the compact Buick sedan, confirming a report first posted by this spring.

The move reflects the broad market shift from conventional passenger cars to sport- and crossover-utility vehicles. Buick utility-vehicle line-up is expected to account for as much as 70% of its sales over the next several years, according to senior brand planners.

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Sales of the Verano were down nearly 12% for the first four months of the year compared to the same period in 2015. And last year’s total sales of 31,886 of the sedans was a 27% drop from 2014.


Buick Reportedly Planning to Kill Off Verano

Move would mark another shift from cars to SUVs.

by on May.10, 2016

Buick will be dropping the Verano as it shifts from passenger cars to light trucks.

Just days after Fiat Chrysler outlined plans to phase out several of its passenger car models and shift production to its SUVs and pickups, reports have surfaced indicating General Motors’ Buick will drop the small Verano sedan model as the brand shifts its own focus to a growing line-up of sport-utility vehicles.

The move would not surprise industry observers who have been observing more and more American motorists walk away from traditional passenger cars in favor of utility vehicles, pickups and other light truck models that, in recent months, have accounted for as much as 60% of new vehicle sales in the U.S.

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The shift has forced manufacturers to rethink both manufacturing and product development strategies. And, in some cases, it has led them to cut back or even idle production at some of the plants producing slow-selling sedan and coupe models, such as Fiat Chrysler’s Sterling Heights Assembly Plant and the Orion Assembly Plant that produces the Verano.


Buick Envisions Huge Success in US with Chinese Crossover

GM brings first China-made vehicle to U.S. shores.

by on Jan.11, 2016

The new Buick Envision is coming to the U.S. after having explosive success in the Chinese market.

The Envision will fit neatly into the Buick line-up in the United States, General Motors executives said as they unveiled the first vehicle built by GM’s extensive operations in China for sale to American consumers during a sneak preview ahead of the official press days for the North American International Auto Show.

Duncan Aldred, Buick vice president, noted the Buick brand has set sales records in each of the last three years and the introduction of the Envision will help insure that the momentum continues in the coming months. Demand from dealers is already very strong, he said.

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For one thing, the Envision is a truly international vehicle that GM expects to complement the Enclave and the Encore, the other two crossovers in the Buick portfolio that account for roughly 60% of the brand’s sales in the U.S. (more…)

Buick Among Brands Setting New Sales Records

New Envision could put it on another record pace in 2016.

by on Dec.21, 2015

The Buick Envision has been a hit in China and could deliver similar results in the U.S.

With U.S. auto sales all but certain to end the year with an all-time record, and global auto sales running at an equally torrid pace, more than a few individual brands are set to celebrate a solid year. A number of marques, including Subaru, Audi and Porsche, already set all-time U.S. or global sales records by the end of November.

And quite a few others are expected to put 2015 into the record books when the year’s numbers are tallied in less than two weeks. That includes Buick. Yes, Buick, a brand General Motors came close to abandoning when it emerged from bankruptcy in July 2009.

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“Buick’s momentum is undeniable as new customers worldwide discover Buick’s lineup of beautiful, approachable premium vehicles,” said Duncan Aldred, vice president of Global Buick.


GM Confirms Plans to Import Compact CUV from China

New Buick Envision would be first Big Three product sourced from Asian nation.

by on Dec.07, 2015

Sales of the Buick Envision in the China have gone gangbusters and now GM plans to bring the hot-selling crossover to the U.S.

General Motors has confirmed plans to import its first Chinese-made vehicle, a compact crossover that will be sold in the U.S. as the Buick Envision.

Currently, only one other vehicle produced in the Asian nation is sold in the States, a limited-volume, stretched version of the S60 sedan sold here as the Volvo Inscription. Efforts to open an export market by various Chinese manufacturers, such as Volvo’s parent Geely, have repeatedly been postponed.

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GM’s decision is generating some opposition, notably from the United Auto Workers union, which issued a statement advising the maker it “should reconsider this decision and place this product into one of their facilities in the United States.” (more…)

Buick Moving Ahead with Plans to Bring Chinese Car to US

Compact crossover could go on sale by late 2016.

by on Nov.13, 2015

The Buick Envision is already on sale in China.

General Motors’ Buick division is moving forward on plans to bring a Chinese-made vehicle to the U.S. market.

A version of the Buick Envision already on sale in China, the compact crossover is expected to go on sale here by late 2016, according to a Wall Street Journal report. That would make GM only the second manufacturer to import a vehicle from China.

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The booming Asian market – which is just rebounding from an unusual slump – is the largest outlet in the world for Buick, and GM now sells more vehicles in China than in the U.S. But as the market slows from years of high double-digit growth, the Detroit maker is looking to find other opportunities for the production capacity it has set up in Shanghai and other cities.


GM Plan to Import Chinese-Made Buick Envision Could Create Problems

UAW calls move “tone-deaf” as it prepares strike vote.

by on Aug.18, 2015

Buick would like to fill a hole in its SUV line-up with the Chinese-made Envision.

The UAW wants to head off plans by General Motors to begin importing a new crossover-utility vehicle from China.

While the Detroit automaker has not made a formal announcement, it is widely expected to begin importing a version of the Buick Envision it produces at a plant near Beijing. It could fill an open niche in the expanding Buick crossover line-up, a spokesman confirmed, though GM might alternatively move to produce the Envision at a U.S. plant.

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The possibility of importing its first Chinese-made product to the U.S. isn’t sitting well with the United Auto Workers Union, which said such a move would be “tone-deaf.” The union is currently negotiating a new four-year contract with GM and is asking its workers to authorize a strike should talks fail to reach a settlement by the September 14th deadline.


First Look: Buick Envision Plug-in Hybrid Concept

A hint of the future for the Buick brand?

by on Apr.19, 2011

The splashy debut of Buick's new Envision plug-in hybrid concept helped kick off the 2011 Shanghai Motor Show.

With an elaborately staged show worthy of a Las Vegas revue, General Motors unveiled a new Buick concept vehicle as Shanghai Auto 2011, China’s largest auto show, was getting underway.

The Buick Envision SUV is a plug-in hybrid concept vehicle merging Buick’s global design language with Chinese aesthetics – and a variety of high-tech features.

“The Envision has inherited Buick design DNA and taken the Buick global design language to a new height. It makes a significant statement for Buick styling and technology, and will influence upcoming models from the brand,” said Ed Welburn, GM vice president of global design, who was on hand for the official debut.

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The resurgent Buick brand now sells more cars in China than the U.S., and that has led GM to rely more and more on the Asian nation’s designers and engineers when developing new products for the marque.  Envision inherits the essence of Buick’s “fluid dynamics and peaceful comfort,” said Holt Ware, director of design at Shanghai GM’s PATAC technical center.

“It introduces the development direction for Buick’s future SUV products for the China market,” added Shi Hong, Director of Buick Marketing at Shanghai GM