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GM Plows $2.9 Billion into Brazil for Sales Rebound

Tough economic times lets maker get bang for its buck.

by on Aug.15, 2014

Brazilian President Dilma Roussef, left, and GM CEO Mary Barra are all smiles after Barra announced the maker was investing $2.9 billion there.

General Motors plans to invest $2.9 billion during the next five years in Brazil for product development, new technologies and employee training. The cash infusion is a reminder of the importance the maker places on the potential of the Brazilian market.

“This investment will allow the Chevrolet brand continue to renew its lineup with a focus on technology and quality,” said Jaime Ardila, president of GM South America, in a statement.

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“Another major purpose of this contribution is to raise the percentage of nationalization of the components of the cars made in Brazil, in an action that also involves suppliers installed in the country.” (more…)

Brazil Set to Outsell Germany?

The land of tomorrow…today?

by on Apr.15, 2010

Though the market has become more global, Brazil has also seen the development of some unique models, like the Chevrolet Sabia.

Brazil is the land of the future…and always will be, or so goes the snarky joke about Latin America’s largest country, a nation that always seems to be so close to becoming a truly first world economy, only to see itself set back by yet another crisis.

But when it comes to the automotive industry, at least, Brazil is finally in gear and, it seems, on a fast course to overtake Europe’s largest national market, Germany – perhaps this year – according to several new studies, including one by J.D. Power and Associates.

The Brazilian market has been on a shaky march for more than a decade, set in motion by that government’s creation of the so-called “Popular Car” segment.  Originally seen as a small niche of stripped-down econocars aimed at first-time buyers hoping to improve their lives, the Popular Car segment is now a major force in the Brazilian auto industry.

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Meanwhile, IHS Global Insight reports that improving access to credit has increased the number of potential car buyers in the nation of 206 million people by 50%.