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BMW Aims to Redefine “The Ultimate Driving Machine”

But do hybrids, battery-cars and autonomous vehicles fit the brand?

by on Aug.31, 2015

BMW's Ian Robertson is betting technology won't turn off the brand's traditional fans.

Can you lay claim to building “the ultimate driving machine” if your fleet is filled with autonomous vehicles powered by plug-in hybrid and pure battery-electric drivetrains? That’s the very real question facing BMW.

The Bavarian maker’s sixth-generation 7-Series sedan comes as close to hands-free driving as anything on the road, and company officials promise they’re ready to push things further if regulators give them the go. The 2016 7-Series, meanwhile, will add a new plug-in model next year, with the technology set to roll out on a variety of other models over the next several years.

Driving Passion!

“This is the flagship,” said Ian Robertson, the BMW board member in charge of global marketing, during a New York media drive of the new 750i sedan. “This is the vehicle that brings the latest innovations that will be spread through the rest of our line-up in the coming years.”


Premium Automakers Must “Reimagine Mobility”

New technology will eventually spread across the industry, contends BMW president Jim O’Donnell.

by on Aug.05, 2010

Is the Vision Concept the shape of things to come as BMW "reimagines mobility"?

As the auto industry reinvents personal transportation, in the coming decades, expect luxury automakers to lead the way.

Premium-segment automakers have a responsibility to lead in innovations such as new engine technology and lighter materials, Jim O’Donnell, president of BMW North America, told the Management Briefing Seminars, in Traverse City, Michigan that those advances will eventually filter down to more mainstream models.

“We know we have the opportunity to reimagine mobility,” O’Donnell said.

Your Guide to the Future!

Like all automakers, the 2008-09 economic meltdown had a major impact on BMW, but the verdict is still out on the long-term effects, he said – even though the German marque is showing strong signs of recovery, with a solid second quarter profit.