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Saab To Get BMW Technology For 9-2, Possibly Other Models

Makers plan to sign alliance on Wednesday.

by on Sep.27, 2010

A deal between Saab and BMW will result a replacement for this old Subaru-based Saab 9-2.

Struggling Swedish automaker Saab will formalize a new alliance with its erstwhile German rival, BMW, later this week.  The long-rumored deal should provide “technology” for Saab’s downsized 9-2 model and possibly other additions to its line-up, the maker has confirmed.

Purchased from General Motors by Dutch-based Spyker, early this year, Saab has laid out an ambitious plan to reverse years of red ink, but the company’s Chairman Victor Muller, has acknowledged it doesn’t have the money to bring all the necessary products to market and needs to find allies – such as BMW.

The alliance, which will reportedly be signed on Wednesday, would give Saab access to what is being described as BMW parts and technology.  Specifics remain to be seen and could include anything from individual components, such as a small gas or diesel engine, up to and including an entire small car platform.

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The initial manifestation of this new partnership will be in the form of the proposed Saab 9-2, a small car of similar size to the BMW 1-Series.  It is to be a complete replacement for a prior model sold under that nameplate that was based on an old Subaru platform.