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BMW 4-Series in the Flesh in Detroit

Bavarian automaker spins the coupe off from the 3-Series sedan line.

by on Jan.14, 2013

BMW is spinning off its 3-Series Coupe into a separate model called the 4-Series.

Is there some danger in moving the coupe version of the BMW’s vaunted 3-Series to a new nomenclature?

Probably not.

BMW pulled the cover off the 4-Series Concept Coupe today at the Detroit Auto Show.

Ian Robertson, member of BMW AG’s Board of Management, said the new car offers a new level of presence, elegance and dynamics.

“In designing the Concept 4 Series, we were determined to make a Coupe that stands above all others in its class,” Robertson said. “The result is an entirely new Coupe with more aesthetic differentiation and more product substance.

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BMW’s 4-Series is the coupe counterpart to the 3-Series, just as the 6-Series is to the 5-Series and the 8 is to the 7. Apparently, in BMW-ese, even numbers signify two doors rather than four.

While BMW is calling the car it is showing at the North American International Auto Show a concept, the production version will likely be very close to the show car.