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BMW Ready to Add i4 and i5 to Battery-Car Line-Up.

Both models to rely on lightweight carbon fiber.

by on Aug.10, 2011

The BMW i8 and i3 models may soon have a few siblings in the showroom.

BMW plans to rapidly expand its battery-car line-up, according to various sources, adding two more models to the new i sub-brand that it has already confirmed will include the little i3 and sporty 18 models.

The two new models, i4 and i5, will make extensive use of super-light carbon fiber to enhance performance and improve energy efficiency and range.  That appears to suggest the German maker believes it can dramatically reduce the cost of the composite material, which is currently too expensive to use on anything other than the most expensive of sports cars – such as the new Lamborghini Aventador.

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The two new models likely won’t appear on the market before late in the decade, report both and Bimmerfile, with concept versions expected to be revealed sometime after the 2014 launch of the i8, the most expensive of the models currently planned for BMW’s new i brand-within-a-brand.


BMW Confirms Plans to Build Vision Efficient Dynamics Concept

A 2013 launch likely - at $200,000.

by on Nov.05, 2010

BMW will launch a production version of the Vision Efficient Dynamics concept with a diesel plug-in hybrid powertrain.

A four-seat sports car that is also environmentally friendly?  That seeming contradiction in terms was the idea behind BMW’s Vision Efficient Dynamics Concept, which quickly became one of the hits at the Frankfurt Motor Show, little more than a year ago.

Making a serious effort to find ways to prove such a concept is viable, the Bavarian maker has confirmed it will put the VED into production, though a precise launch date hasn’t been released.

The low-slung 2+2 – which measures barely 4 feet tall – will follow the concept’s lead and use a plug-in hybrid driveline.  To add a bit of ease for rear seat passengers, the Vision will use gullwing doors, simplifying access to both rows.

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Relatively lightweight, considering its batteries and dual drive system, and with an impressive drag coefficient of just 0.22, the VED should be able to achieve significant efficiencies, whether powered by its lithium-ion power pack or the back-up gasoline engine.


BMW Unveils Vision Concept, and a Range of Efficient Dynamic Models

From X1 and 320d to Hybrid 7-Series.

by on Sep.15, 2009

The Vision Concept is designed to show you can deliver great performance and equally solid fuel efficiency, here using a diesel-hybrid powertrain.  No production is planned.

The Vision Concept is designed to show you can deliver great performance and equally solid fuel efficiency, here using a diesel-hybrid powertrain. No production is planned.

BMW often goes to great lengths to prove a point – especially when it wants to convince the media that it really does have some of the greenest cars in the luxury segment.  The automaker devoted virtually its entire news conference, at the 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show, to unveiling various new Efficient Dynamic models large and small.

The term is a sort of catch-all for various clean, high-mileage technologies, from downsized diesels to hydrogen cars.  And nearly every possible form of “green” powertrain was on display.

But the star of the stand was clearly the 2010 BMW Vision Concept we analyzed before, a prototype diesel-hybrid designed to show that you don’t have to abandon the performance the German maker is known for in order to get truly spectacular mileage.

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The heart of the Vision is a 3-cylinder turbo diesel paired with two separate electric motors, one on each wheel – which effectively gives the Vision all-wheel-drive.