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Engaging, engine and endangered

by on Jul.31, 2009

Ford’s Tempting Taurus Advertising 

Ford is putting on a heavy push to promote the 2010 Taurus launch.

Ford is putting on a heavy ad push for the Taurus.

Thursday’s reveal of the new advertising for the new 2010 Taurus was held in the vast space of Ford’s digital design studio with stunning video capabilities that were utilized to the fullest.

The presentation of the rationale behind the advertising for such an important launch of Ford’s “halo car” was as impressive as the commercials, print ads and web videos were.

The new Taurus deserves its own recognition and rewards from essentially a new group of prospective buyers.  I applaud Ford’s decision not to, as some auto writers on hand suggested, that Ford should have returned to days of yore and wonder of 1986.

Marketing insight - free!

Marketing Insight - Free!

Well, 1986 is history, dead history.

Twenty-three years ago the Dow Jones was 1,995, a stamp cost .22¢, oil was $11 a barrel and Oprah show began.  Too many years have elapsed to resort to historical precedence as a basis of evaluation or promotion of such an important vehicle.  And who gives a damn about the old models anyway?