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BMW Adds M Performance to its New 7-Series Sedan

New high-powered sedan will hit showrooms next year.

by on Feb.11, 2016

BMW pushes up the performance quotient of its flagship sedan with the new M760i.

BMW has long resisted calls to add the big 7-Series to its line-up of high-performance M models. It made an end-run by turning to partner Alpina which only last week announced the latest version of its souped-up B7 model.

But is BMW finally bowing to pressure and delivering the long-awaited BMW M7? The answer is a definitive, “sort of.” The Bavarian maker is adding the new BMW M760i xDrive for 2017. But the TwinPower 12-cylinder model falls into that halfway line known as M Performance, rather than being dubbed a true BMW M.

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Will that matter? It’s hard to say, but as Mercedes-Benz has shown with its rival S-Class AMG offerings, there’s no doubt there’s plenty of demand for more and more performance whatever the size and shape of the sheet metal.


Autonomous Technologies Coming to Market Faster Than Expected

But regulations, insurance issues could stall tech push, industry leaders warn.

by on Sep.02, 2015

The new 2016 BMW 7-Series will be capable of driving on its own for short periods of time..

“Keep your eyes on the road, your hands upon the wheel,” Doors frontman Jim Morrison sang in Roadhouse Blues. But that traditionally healthy line of advice soon may no longer be necessary.

With the debut of the 2016 BMW 750i, motorists will be able to take their hands off the wheel for as long as 15 seconds at a time, the car’s semi-autonomous technologies temporarily taking over driving duties. And a year from now, Cadillac is promising to go a step further. The Detroit maker’s new Super Cruise system will allow drivers to cruise well-marked freeways for an extended period of time hands-free. Or so Caddy can only hope.

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Some automakers are promising to go even further, bringing fully autonomous vehicles to the road within the next decade. But it’s far from certain they can pull it off. It’s not necessarily the technical issues that could derail the push, but regulatory and insurance hurdles, industry leaders warn. (more…)

BMW Aims to Redefine “The Ultimate Driving Machine”

But do hybrids, battery-cars and autonomous vehicles fit the brand?

by on Aug.31, 2015

BMW's Ian Robertson is betting technology won't turn off the brand's traditional fans.

Can you lay claim to building “the ultimate driving machine” if your fleet is filled with autonomous vehicles powered by plug-in hybrid and pure battery-electric drivetrains? That’s the very real question facing BMW.

The Bavarian maker’s sixth-generation 7-Series sedan comes as close to hands-free driving as anything on the road, and company officials promise they’re ready to push things further if regulators give them the go. The 2016 7-Series, meanwhile, will add a new plug-in model next year, with the technology set to roll out on a variety of other models over the next several years.

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“This is the flagship,” said Ian Robertson, the BMW board member in charge of global marketing, during a New York media drive of the new 750i sedan. “This is the vehicle that brings the latest innovations that will be spread through the rest of our line-up in the coming years.”