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Major Refresh Coming for BMW 4-Series

Two-door line gets unique tweaks for U.S. market.

by on Jan.25, 2017

The 2018 BMW 4-Series line-up.

BMW is giving its compact two-door line-up a mid-cycle overhaul for 2018, and while we got a first look at what’s coming for the global line-up last week, we now learn there’ll be some unique tweaks for the American versions of the BMW 4-Series coupes and convertibles, as well as the 2018 Gran Coupe.

Once the two-door half of the hallowed 3-Series, BMW split the line off, bringing the then-new 4-Series line-up to the States for the first time in 2014.

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In an unusual move, this is actually the second year in a row that BMW has updated the 4-Series. It introduced some new engines – and a concurrent change in model nomenclature – for 2017. The focus for 2018 is on design, suspension and technology.


First Drive: 2015 BMW M3 and M4

by on Sep.04, 2014

The 2015 BMW M3 opts for a smaller, twin turbocharged engine that makes it part race car, part daily driver.

I never believed it would happen. Me, Mr. Mercedes and Audi, in love with a BMW. It’s not that I don’t like Bimmers, I think my aversion to them started when yuppies discovered the brand and started calling the Bimmer a “Beamer.”

The reality of it all is that BMW has and does build cars that are just as happy on the racetrack as they are on the street. And that’s even at the so-called “base” level. Consider the 3 Series, in production since model year 1977. It’s the quintessential performance sedan, coupe or convertible – just take your pick of body styles. It’s benchmarked by nearly every carmaker that wants to build a performance sedan. Add the vaunted “M” trim to the car, and you’ve got yourself a bona fide butt kicker.

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For 2015, I’m adding BMW to my “favorite brands” list, journalistic integrity tossed into the wind like a seagull cresting Niagara Falls. I’d already fallen in love with what I think is the best sports sedan on the market, the 640i Gran Coupe, and then BMW added two more to my wish list with the introduction of the 2015 M3 Sedan and M4 Coupe. (more…)

BMW Reveals All-New M4 Convertible

Bavarian maker rolling out new speedster in New York.

by on Apr.03, 2014

BMW added a ragtop to is M line-up with a new M4 convertible. It debuted today at the New York Auto Show.

BMW is about to add another new model to its rapidly expanding line-up of performance M cars. And, little surprise, the 2015 BMW M4 Convertible will have plenty in common with the coupe model, as well as the new BMW M3 Sedan.

Set to debut at the 2014 New York International Auto Show later this month, the ragtop M4 will be powered by the now-familiar BMW TwinPower 3.0-liter inline-six – here relying on two mono-scroll turbos – that can be paired with either a six-speed manual or a seven-speed M double-clutch transmission.

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Redlining at 7,600 RPMs – a significant number for a turbo engine, the package churns out a hefty 425 horsepower and 406 pound-feet of torque and is likely to be at least one of the fastest BMW cabriolets ever, with a 0 to 60 time nudging down around 4.4 seconds with the stick and 4.2 seconds with the DCT. (more…)

BMW Plans to Bring Front-Drive 2-Series Active Tourer to US – Eventually

European launch comes this year; State-side edition likely over a year away.

by on Mar.05, 2014

BMW's 2-Series Active Tourer made its world debut at the Geneva Motor Show; however, it won't be coming to the U.S. for a while, an official said.

BMW continues to fill seemingly every possible niche in the luxury market, from top to bottom and a surprising number of places in-between. And it has global plans for some of the newest members of its fast-expanding line-up.

That includes models such as the 4-Series Gran Coupe and the 2-Series Active Tourer on display at this year’s Geneva Motor Show, the latter model making its world debut at the annual European event.

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But while U.S. buyers will find the 4-Series Gran Coupe in showrooms in the near future, they’ll have to wait for the smaller Grand Tourer, perhaps as much as two years, a well-placed BMW source told (more…)

BMW Adds Two More Doors to 4-Series Gran Coupe

Geneva debut planned.

by on Feb.04, 2014

BMW calls the new 4-Series Gran Coupe a 4+1.

If you haven’t kept track of things at BMW lately you might have missed the maker’s new naming strategy.  To boil it down to basics: sedans have odd-number designations, such as the classic BMW 3-, 5-, and 7-Series models.  Even numbers are reserved for two-door coupes and convertible.

That is, except when you’re talking about coupe-like four-doors such as the 2015 BMW 4-Series Gran Coupe, the latest in a fast-growing line-up of all-new models from the Bavarian maker.

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The 4-Series is itself new, BMW moving to put a little more space between the classic 3-er sedan and the sporty coupe.  The Gran Coupe, meanwhile, comes in about a half-inch longer and wider, albeit a good 1.5 inches lower, than the 3-Series sedan.  That’s good news for rear seat passengers who appear to lose a little headroom due to the more coupe-like roofline.


BMW Builds Buzz with New 4-Series Convertible

Bigger 3-Series replacement retains flavor of predecessor.

by on Nov.20, 2013

BMW's new 4-Series convertible is a larger version of the outgoing 3-Series model.

The 4-Series Convertible from BMW makes a much-anticipated debut at the Los Angeles Auto Show as BMW continues to expand its latest model line with new models.

The 4-Series is the next BMW vehicle going through the German maker’s new naming convention – first adopted with the 6-Series – in which premium two-door and cabriolet models adopt an even number model name and sedans take an odd number.

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The all-new BMW 4-Series Convertible is coming to America with a longer wheelbase, wider track and lower ride height than the previous-generation BMW 3-Series Convertible that has been the soft top in the BMW line. Its lower suspension also brings down the car’s center of gravity for better driving dynamics. (more…)

Lexus Adding New RC 350 Coupe

Performance RC F model may also be in offing.

by on Nov.04, 2013

Lexus adds an all-new line of coupes with the debut of the 2015 RC 350 and RC 300h.

Look for Lexus to introduce the all-new RC 350 coupe at the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show – but calling this an entirely new model line isn’t entirely accurate.

As BMW has just done, splitting off the old 3-Series Coupe and rebadging it the 4-Series, so Lexus is doing with the two-door version of its familiar IS line.  But while the Lexus RC 350 will have fewer doors the images the maker has released in advance of the Tokyo show reveals that the coupe will have a significantly bigger and more dramatic version of the now-familiar Lexus “spindle” grille.

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The interior, meanwhile, adopts a more refined and sporty appearance than the entry-oriented Lexus IS, with a more driver-oriented layout designed, says Lexus, to “enhance the fun-to-drive intention of the RC.”


BMW Reveals All-New 2-Series Coupe

Bigger, faster than all 1-Series coupe line.

by on Oct.25, 2013

BMW is offering a rendering of the new 2-Series ahead of the coupe's formal debut in Detroit next January.

There was a time when BMW fans could count the maker’s model line-up on one hand.  These days, you’d need both hands – and feet – to keep track, especially with the Bavarian maker adding two more distinct model lines in a matter of months.

Just months after previewing the new 4-Series Coupe and Convertible line, BMW is back with yet another new offering, the smaller 2-Series. Set to reach showrooms next year, the nomenclature for the new line follows the maker’s latest strategy which reserves odd numbers for sedans and even designations for its two-door offerings.

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While many will likely refer to the new 2-Series as a replacement for the old BMW 1-Series Coupe, this is more than a cosmetic update. In fact, the new model will be a full 2.8 inches longer and 1.8 inches wider than the outgoing coupe, with another 1.3 inches added to the wheelbase. That’s good news for passengers who will benefit most from the added space.

There will be two different versions of the 2-Series for the U.S. market, the BMW 228i and the performance-oriented M235i.


BMW Set to Reveal New 4-Series Convertible

Global debut set for LA Auto Show.

by on Oct.14, 2013

The upcoming launch of the convertible will round out BMW's new 4-Series line-up.

The new BMW 4-Series is about to go topless.  We got our first look at the Bavarian maker’s 4-Series last January when the compact coupe stormed onto the stage at the Detroit Auto Show. The convertible will make its debut at the upcoming Los Angeles Auto Show next month.

The 4-Series is the ever-so-slightly larger and sexier replacement for the Coupe and Convertible versions of the old BMW 3-Series. The split reflects the approach first adopted with the 6-Series in which premium 2-door and cabriolet models adopt an even model name, sedans an odd number.

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The new BMW 4-Series Coupe has been getting kudos for a more muscular and well-balanced design than the old 3-Series 2-door, with a fastback roofline that is clearly reminiscent of the bigger and more expensive 6-Series. The 4-Series Convertible maintains the new Coupe’s basic dimensions, meaning it will also be longer, wider and roomier than the outgoing 3-Series Cabriolet.


First Look: BMW 4-Series

Bigger, bolder – and more expensive.

by on Jun.18, 2013

The new BMW 4-Series is longer, lower and wider than the outgoing 3-Series Coupe.

You might get a sense of “déjà vu all over again,” as Yogi Berra was fond of saying, checking out BMW’s all-new 4-Series.

Well, yes, the design is new, and so is the name, but the latest addition to the Bavarian maker’s rapidly proliferating line-up is really just a replacement for the old BMW 3-Series Coupe and, to follow, the 3-er Convertible.  It reflects the approach first adopted with the 6-Series in which premium 2-door and cabriolet models adopt an even model name, sedans an odd number.

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That out of the way, the new BMW 4-Series is a sleek and well-proportioned addition that is getting kudos for a more muscular and well-balanced designed than the old 3-Series Coupe, with a fastback roofline that is clearly reminiscent of the bigger and more expensive 6-Series.