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Marty’s Marketing Minutia – Hollywood Edition

And the winners are...

by on Nov.18, 2011

Actress Paula Patton with the BMW i8 she drives in the next Misson Impossible film.

Here in the La-La-Land, the international entertainment industry’s base of  extravagance, excellence and elegance one expects wonderful staging, great sets and settings, spectacular lighting effects, dramatic music, exciting video, persuasive writing and polished performers, er, presenters, for some truly dramatic unveilings of new automobiles. Right?

Sorry to disappoint you but this year’s L.A. Auto Show – at least from a staging and presentation standpoint — merits a one word review: lackluster. Naturally, the cars are supposed to be the stars of any show. But the Los Angeles location demands, within proper fiduciary bounds excitement, wow’s, ah-ha grabbers, and OMGs, not somber, sterile, soporific moments.

In giant clusters, hundreds of auto writers, photographers, videographers, analysts, competitive executives and assorted ‘how in the hell did they get credentialed?’ car groupies moved in giant scrums around the Los Angeles Convention Center in 25-minute increments over the last two days.

Star Attraction!

All this to witness the 19 formal news conference on the official schedule before racing off to file their seemingly endless stream of  articles, blogs, reviews, comments, YouTube postings, FaceBook meanderings, tacky twitters and other news.  There is no way I was able to attend all the shows, nor did anyone I know, but in my unscientific survey of colleagues and in keeping with Tinseltown’s addiction to awards:

And the winners of Best of the Shows of LA Auto Show are: