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Automakers Join the Black Friday Binge

Industry wants to share the spoils.

by on Nov.27, 2013

Automakers are joining the frenzy with big Black Friday sales this year.

Turn on the TV this week and you’ll be hard-pressed to go more than a few minutes without hearing about one Black Friday sale or another.  With the economy still struggling, U.S. retailers are desperate to ensure they get momentum going as we enter the traditional holiday season.

But while Black Friday has traditionally been the purview of discount, department and toy stores, the auto industry is going for a piece of the action this year – and perhaps for good reason. As consumers gear up for gift-giving, they often put car buying on hold.  With some worrisome signs that the spring-summer surge in the U.S. car market slowing down, automakers also want to end the year with a bang.

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“Big-box retailers aren’t the only ones broadcasting Black Friday discounts. Automakers have thrown their, uh, pilgrim hats in the ring,” says Ethan Hertzberg, a marketing programs associate for

The website tallied the special deals being offered by various manufacturers and found some running as much as $5,000 for what has traditionally been the busiest shopping day of the year.