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World’s Most Expensive Motorcycle up for Auction

“Old Bill” could nudge the $500,000 mark.

by on Jun.28, 2012

George Brough riding his Superior "OldBill" motorcycle in 1959 at British track Clipstone.

It’s probably pocket change when compared to the figures some rare Ferraris and Bugattis have been commanding at auction, lately, but the legendary Brough Superior motorcycle known as “Old Bill” very well could become the world’s most expensive bike when it goes up for auction in October.

The rare racing motorcycle, dating back to 1922, has a very good shot at pushing past the previous record sale – also for a Brough bike – and nudge upwards of $500,000, according to auction sponsors.

“If I could bring any motorcycle in the world to auction, it would probably be this one,” says said George Beale, Principal in the motorcycle department at auction house H&H.

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Suggesting that its rarity and history are “unrivaled,” Beale adds that, “there is no telling what it could make on the day. It is an absolute privilege to be handling the sale of such an automotive icon and we very much look forward to being able to show it to the world’s serious collectors.”