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GM Plugging in a Potential Game-Changer

New Chevy Bolt expected to see huge drop in battery costs.

by on Nov.11, 2015

The Chevy Bolt shown during its January 2015 debut at the Detroit Auto Show.

When it comes to electric vehicles, it’s all about the batteries. They determine range, charging time, performance and, of course, price. And the longer the range the higher the price tag.

But General Motors believes it’s close to the proverbial paradigm shift as it gets ready to bring its new long-range Chevrolet Bolt to market. The 200-mile battery-electric vehicle is expected to have the lowest-priced batteries available, breaking a target price many experts didn’t anticipate could be reached for at least five more years.

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“We’re going to be at $145 a kilowatt-hour when we launch the Bolt,” said Mark Reuss, GM’s global product development director, during a lunchtime interview.


Battery Makers Facing Shake-Out

A123’s failure likely to be followed by others, warns new study.

by on Oct.23, 2012

The auto industry could see a shake-out among its battery suppliers.

The consolidation in the business of making lithium-ion batteries, a key component in electric vehicles, is moving faster than expected – the recent bankruptcy and sale of A123’s automotive operations to JCI just the latest example.

The consulting firm of Roland Berger predicted a consolidation back in 2010. But in an update to the report issued this week, it is saying the shake-out is unfolding faster than expected and predicts only six to eight international players in lithium battery production will remain in the market by 2017.

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The move could head off a potentially devastating price war among competitors at a time of unexpectedly slow sales of battery-based vehicles. But for auto manufacturers, that could translate into higher component costs that, in turn, slow the growth in demand for electrified vehicles, some analysts warn.


Ghosn Disappointed by Current Battery Car Sales – But Still Sees Upbeat Future

“We will be patient.”

by on Sep.28, 2012

Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn, shown with the Nissan Leaf during its public debut.

The floor of the Paris Motor Show is covered with an array of hybrids, plug-ins and pure battery-electric vehicles, the latter ranging from the little Nissan Leaf up to the new Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Electric Drive.

But barring a sudden shift in consumer sentiment, demand for battery-based products has filed to charge up the sales charts. That’s particularly true for the Leaf, which has experienced an unexpectedly sharp decline in demand in the critical U.S. market this year.

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Asked whether that worries him as Nissan prepares to open a new Nashville assembly line for the Leaf, the maker’s CEO Carlos Ghosn responded that, “If you ask a CEO if he is disappointed in the level of sales, you are always going to get “yes” for an answer.”

But the Brazilian-born executive, who also serves as chief executive of Nissan’s alliance partner, Renault, insisted that rather than panic, “We will be patient.”