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High-Tech Honda AC-X To Influence Next Accord

But don’t expect its twin-lever steering anytime soon.

by on Dec.01, 2011

The Honda AC-X body reportedly bears some strong similarities to the next-gen Accord.

It just might be the perfect car for the videogame generation – though the Honda AC-X concept should also appeal to those who don’t like driving at all.

Short for Advanced Cruiser Experience, the concept on the Honda stand at this year’s Tokyo Motor Show is subtly reminiscent of the maker’s current FCV fuel-cell vehicle, which has been leasing in Southern California, but the Honda AC-X turns to a plug-in hybrid drive system while introducing a variety of features meant to improve fuel-efficiency and explore new methods of driving.

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That includes the Twin-Lever Steering system, or TLS, which replaces the long-familiar steering wheel with two joysticks.  They fold away if a driver switches the AC-X to autonomous mode, which would allow someone to get a few minutes extra sleep during the morning commute.