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Chrysler CEO Marchionne Calls Out Romney Over False Jeep Ads

Exec pulled into political fray over "inaccurate" claims Jeep moving to China.

by on Oct.30, 2012

Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne may have wanted to sit out the election but he's been pulled into the fray.

Despite declaring his desire to stay out of this year’s presidential battle, Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne has found himself drawn into the fray as he responded to a series of comments and political ads by GOP contender Mitt Romney, which he called “inaccurate.”

The Italian-born Marchionne made it clear in a note sent to Chrysler employees that statements and advertising by Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney suggesting the company was moving Jeep production from its assembly complex in Toledo, Ohio to China was simply not true.

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“Chrysler Group’s production plans for the Jeep brand have become the focus of public debate,” the Chrysler CEO said in the statement that was also released to the media.

The domestic auto industry has become a central topic of debate between President Barack Obama, who approved the largest portion of an $84 billion government bailout of Chrysler and General Motors, and his Republican rival – Romney arguing against the rescue effort but also trying to claim he helped to save the two makers by demanding a “structured” bankruptcy.


Romney Blasts Bailouts During Michigan Debate

Candidate contends efforts “wasted billions of dollars.”

by on Nov.10, 2011

Candidate Romney during a 2008 campaign appearance - before the bailouts of GM and Chrysler.

He may have strong ties to Michigan – where his father once served as governor – but presidential contender Mitt Romney has little good to say about the government bailouts that saved two of that state’s “Big Three” automakers.

In fact, he leveled his latest criticism of the federal aid handed out by Presidents George W. Bush and Barrack Obama during an appearance in the shadow of Chrysler’s headquarters in the Detroit suburb of Auburn Hills.

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Contending “Michigan was the pride of the nation,” when his father George was governor, Romney asserted that the multi-billion-dollar rescues for Chrysler and General Motors “wasted billions of dollars initially,” and were “the wrong way to go.”