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Your Dozen Best Back-to-School Cars

Safe, stylish, fuel-efficient – and fun to drive.

by on Aug.10, 2011

One of the top picks for the back-to-school crowd, the Ford Fiesta, its first subcompact in decades, offers a wide range of features and a sporty design.

If you’re past the stage when the kids want pencils, paper and a Transformers notebook to help them head back to school, odds are it’s time to find them a new set of wheels.

True, you probably had to walk to school — uphill both ways.  And, when you finally earned enough money to buy a car of your own by working for a nickel an hour bagging groceries, you settled for the cheapest rust-bucket you could afford.  But that’s just not the way it seems to work anymore, as a quick drive through the parking lot at most high schools and college campuses will reveal.

News you can use!

Heck, the students are likely driving better cars than their teachers can afford.  Thank you, Mom and Dad.

Now, before we go and recommend the best new cars to buy for your returning student we will risk suggesting you consider something in the form of a previously-owned car – especially something that carries the certified-used label.  These products will often be substantially cheaper than a new car but still offer a like-new warranty on a vehicle that has gone through an extensive inspection and repair process.