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UAW Braces for Pushback over Proposed Dues Hike

Leaders note other unions have raise dues in recent years.

by on Jun.03, 2014

Outgoing UAW President Bob King is asking union members to approve a hike in their dues. It would be the first increase since 1967.

The United Auto Workers will take up the contentious issue of raising dues as the UAW’s convention moves into its second day in Detroit.

The union has not raised dues since 1967 while other unions, such as the United Steel Workers and Teamsters, have raised dues over the last decade. The UAW has been slow to follow suit, said Bob King, the UAW’s outgoing president.

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Top union officials have been discussing the dues increase, which would boost dues from the current two hours of wages per month to two and a half hours of wages, for the past several months. But they have admitted to getting some push back from unhappy members. (more…)

Labor Boss King: UAW is the Union of the 21st Century

Collaboration, not confrontation key, says autoworkers chief.

by on Jun.02, 2011

UAW Pres. Bob King says the union is "reinventing" itself for a new era.

Saying his union is in the midst of “reinventing” itself, United Auto Workers President Bob King strode into the lion’s den, this week, aiming to convince a gathering of Michigan’s most powerful business leaders that the labor movement is not just relevant but useful.

Collaboration, rather than confrontation, has been a key message for King, a one-time fire-breathing orator who has taken a much more laid-back and conciliatory approach since assuming the helm of one of the nation’s most powerful labor organizations last year.

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It was a direction already set by his predecessor, Ron Gettelfinger, who agreed to a series of once-taboo concessions during 2007 contract talks with Detroit’s Big Three, and again during the deep recession that nearly crushed the domestic makers, forcing General Motors and Chrysler into bankruptcy.

“Our union has learned many lessons from this crisis,” King proclaimed, adding that, “We are in the process of reinvesting our union.”