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Waymo Casts Wide Net for Potential Users

Krafcik outlines company's plans.

by on Jan.10, 2017

Chrysler and Waymo have limited their partnership to 100 of the modified minivans.

Waymo plans to target multiple segments with self-driving technology once it is ready for the road, Waymo Chief Executive Officer John Krafcik said during a talk at the annual Automotive News World Congress.

“The first point to keep in mind is we’re not making a car,” Krafcik said. “We’re working on making a better driver, he said.

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Better and safer “drivers” are the key to reducing the staggering number of road fatalities, which are estimated at 1.5 million annually, according to the Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development. (more…)

Ford CEO Predicts Profits for Europe

Fields disagrees with Wall Street analysts about maker's strengths.

by on Jan.14, 2016

Ford CEO Mark Fields told the Automotive News World Congress that the company's European operations will be profitable this year.

After five consecutive years of losses, Ford Motor Co. expects to turn a profit in Europe, Ford chief executive officer Mark Fields said.

“We are going to be profitable in Europe in 2016,” he said. “We are not pulling out of Russia. We think when the economy comes back, Russia will be a good market for us.”

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Fields told the Automotive News World Congress that Ford was making steady progress towards key goals of steady growth and profitability despite losing marketshare in North America. “The economic conditions in the U.S. are going to be very favorable (in 2016),” the Ford CEO said. “Interest rates are low, Energy costs are low.” (more…)

GM Rabblerouser Critcizes Making Barra Chairman

Investor says Barra should remain focused on CEO duties.

by on Jan.14, 2016

General Motors investor Harry Wilson says adding the chairman's responsibilities to Mary Barra's duties as CEO is a mistake.

The decision of the General Motors Board of Directors to name Mary Barra as chairman as well as chief executive officer is a mistake, according to the leader of the hedge fund who pressured GM into approving a multi-billion dollar stock repurchase program last year.

“I think Mary has done a terrific job. But if you wanted to promote her, give her a raise,” said Harry Wilson, chairman and CEO of the MAEVA Group LLC, who noted that the broader trend is to separate the CEO job from the chairmanship because the two roles are, or should be, quite different.

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Barra was named chairman of the GM board last week. Except for short periods of time, the roles of chairman and chief executive have been combined ever since the retirement in 1956 of the company’s legendary chairman Alfred P. Sloan. Sloan himself served as both chairman and CEO for more than two decades. (more…)

GM Poised to Enjoy Long-Term Success, Says Ammann

Changes in structure should help GM weather storms.

by on Jan.13, 2016

GM President Dan Ammann told a crowd at the Automotive News World Congress that the maker was poised to be profitable during a downturn.

For two of the world’s largest global automakers, Toyota and General Motors, it’s pretty much steady as it goes as the industry heads in an era of transition and change.

Dan Ammann, GM president, told the Automotive News World Congress that the car business is perhaps the single most challenging and complex business in the world.

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“It’s a really interesting time in the industry,” said Ammann, who joined General Motors in 2010 after a career as a Wall Street banker. “We’re obviously we see more change in this business.” (more…)

Toyota Trying to Replicate Prius Success with Fuel Cells

Carter believes Japanese maker is ahead of the curve.

by on Jan.15, 2014

Toyota's Bob Carter reveals the FCV hydrogen car concept vehicle at CES. Carter thinks the FCV could be the next Prius.

Despite the skepticism of some notable critics, the fuel cell represents an emerging of enormous potential as source of power for automobiles. In fact, one company believes that fuel-cell technology is going follow the same arc as hybrids: Toyota.

Robert Carter, senior vice president of Toyota Motor Sales USA, said in a speech to the Automotive News World Congress, automakers must respond to long-term needs “of our customers, our society, and our environment” and fuel cells hold enormous potential, which is the key reason why Toyota has introduced a fuel cell vehicle it plans to sell or lease to consumers in the United States next year.

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“Now, I realize there is no shortage of naysayers regarding the viability of this technology and the infrastructure to support it,” Carter said. “Personally, I don’t care what Elon (Musk of Tesla) or Carlos (Ghosn of Nissan) say about fuel cells. If they want to ‘plug in and tune out’ other technologies, that’s fine,” he said. (more…)