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Nine Automakers Sitting Out Frankfurt Motor Show

Companies focusing on smaller shows.

by on Aug.18, 2017

Despite strong attendance at the Frankfurt Motor Show, some automakers are electing to skip the show next month.

Automakers are still looking for ways to get the most bang for their buck. Between new partnerships with suppliers and each other to share costs, saving money is still on the agenda despite relatively healthy sales.

Now comes news that at least nine car companies elected to skip next month’s massive Frankfurt Motor Show.

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Alfa Romeo, Fiat, Jeep, Peugeot, Citroen, DS, Nissan, Infiniti, Mitsubishi and Volvo declined to attend. Volvo’s absence was expected as it announced a while back it wouldn’t be attending shows anymore. However, there are some surprises on the list. (more…)

Marty’s Marketing Minutia – Special Triscadecaphobia Edition

by on Jan.04, 2013

The godfather of bad TV auto advertising, Cal Worthington, lives on.

We saw 2012 end with metaphoric skyrockets lighting the midnight sky for most auto marketers. Business was far better than expected. It was good, damn near great! Some auto advertisers were patting themselves on the back for their Super Bowl ads that went viral – viral all year! The consumer marketplace despite the on-going recession was in the car buying and leasing mood.  Result?

Single malts and champagne toasts along with the occasional long necks were raised in praise of the outgoing year along with great expectations and eager optimism for 2013.

The Last Word!

But in some corners of the automotive marketing, advertising, promotion and public relations world the future was at best bleak. There were more important new ad agency appointments in 2012 than ever before with many unplanned career changes and relocations for creatives, media and suits at every level. And there’s at least one big switch to come in the New Year with others rumored.


Marty’s Marketing Minutia: Domestic Goddess Edition

Martha pitches Toyota, Blake rebounds for Kia, Adweek honors Olivier, and TED honors Mazda.

by on Nov.02, 2012

Martha Stewart will team up with Toyota for the launch of the new Avalon.

Doyen of domesticity moves into garage: Martha Steward & Toyota Avalon

Sheets, towels, paint, pots, pans, plants, party planning, gardening, television shows, publications and more are just some of the associations Martha Stewart has used to become one of most powerful women and brands — targeted to an estimated 66 million women every month. Now add Toyota and the Japanese brand’s all-new 2013 Avalon which becomes the latest product on Ms. Stewart’s resume as part of “Martha Stewart’s American Made initiative.”

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A Toyota spokesperson noted, “Partnering with Martha Stewart and the American Made initiative made perfect sense for us – after all, about 70% of Toyota vehicles sold in the US are built here.  And, the 2013 Toyota Avalon is the perfect example of our commitment to building in America.  The Avalon was designed, engineered and built right here in the USA.”


Marty’s Marketing Minutia: Makers Go for the Gold

Rethinking the Super Bowl, Olympics and more.

by on Oct.05, 2012

The dog might not be happy but the "Vet" commercial scored for BMW.

Top 10 Auto Ads in 3rd Quarter

According to Ace Metrix the most effective television commercials in the third quarter of 2012 contained two automotive commercials in a field dominated by techy ads and philanthropies. (Click Here to watch.)

Ford’s ‘One Foot Forward’ commercial, touting the new foot operated lift-gate, was only 18 points under the number one commercial. BMW’s funny “Vet’ commercial (think emasculation — which normally is not funny) tied at sixth with an Apple commercial for earphones.

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And while not truly a car commercial, AT&T’s anti-texting commercial is aimed at the same target markets.

Here’s a list of the most effective ads of the third-quarter:


Former Chrysler Marketing Chief Roehm Resurfaces

Career was sidelined by nasty Wal-Mart battle.

by on Jan.16, 2012

Former Ford and, later, Chrysler marketing whiz Julie Roehm resurfaces at SAP.

Julie Roehm, the one-time Chrysler marketing chief known for risky – and sometimes controversial – moves like the Lingerie Bowl has resurfaced at business software company SAP, where she will serve as a senior vice president.

The 40-year-old Roehm has maintained a low profile since running headlong into the Wal-Mart juggernaut, five years ago, in an ethics dispute.  She has since been serving as a private consultant on marketing matters for companies like the short-lived Next Autoworks.

Roehm will be based in New York, reporting to SAP’s Chief Marketing Officer Jonathan Becher.  The firm provides advance business software for a variety of industries, including a number of major automakers, and has traditionally been one of the heavier advertisers in its normally staid line of business.


Roehm began her automotive career with Ford and was known for innovative moves, such as staging a Golden Era-style live ad for the then-new Ford Focus in 1999.  She jumped to Chrysler shortly afterwards and continued to press for more cutting-edge marketing efforts than Detroit was traditionally known for.


Marty’s Marketing Minutia – Detroit Auto Show Edition

For the auto world, prime time starts Sunday.

by on Jan.06, 2012

The hordes descend. There'll be thousands of media at the coming week's Detroit Auto Show. And they'll be collecting countless media kits.

But first our first annual MMM Media Kit Award

This is my homage to the annual deluge of Car-of-the-Year awards that will be raining down on us, notably including the widely-watched North American Car and Truck of the Year ceremony that will usher in the Detroit Auto Show on Monday morning.

In recent weeks, you’ve undoubtedly noticed a deluge of ads quoting one or the other of these awards and you can be certain the winners of the two NACTOY trophies will be backing up their victories with some hefty media dollars.

A Little Automotive Weirdness!

A favorite business question these days is, “what’s the take-away?” Auto journalists, scribes, bloggers, pundits, analysts, consultants and of course, the ubiquitous ranks of eBay purveyors at the annual Detroit auto industry bash and assorted launch events know the key take-away: It’s the media kit.


Marty’s Marketing Minutia: Taking Gas

Memorial Day special edition.

by on May.27, 2011

Nissan's new ad campaign examines a world where everything is powered by gas.

Nissan Leaf ad asks what would happen if everything used gas

Have you filled the tank of your new Nissan Leaf?  Excuse me? Nissan’s new Leaf campaign takes a tongue-in-cheek look at what would happen if everything in our daily lives used gasoline and the problems that would cause. This somewhat different approach comes from the brand’s creative manifesto which, in part asks, “What if everything ran on gas? No electricity. No renewables. Just gas.” Like your alarm clock and your dentist’s drill’

But everything doesn’t run on gas,” the series points out. “Most things run on electricity, which is clan, and quiet and uses fewer parts, and needs less maintenance. Most things can be plugged in and charged up and don’t need a tank or a pump.”

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And the payoff is of course the all-electric Leaf.  When questioned about this approach, Jon Brancheau, Nissan’s vice president of marketing commented, “By using humor and asking the simple question, ‘what if everything ran on gas’ we’re able to rationally make the case that electric cars’ time has arrived.”

The campaign is a full multimedia push using television, online, print and direct marketing to convey the message. And the campaign, which breaks Monday, Memorial Day, takes every day products and situations and injects gas-powered-humor to sell the Leaf with these four :15-second teaser commercials: (more…)

Kia Takes Ad Award With Hip-Hop Soul Campaign

Making $13 bil in auto ads pay off.

by on Apr.21, 2011

Kia's "ham-stars" take top ad honors.

The incredibly popular Kia hamsters scored big in the 2011 Nielsen Automotive Advertising Award.  The automaker’s latest campaign, which put the soul in the Kia Soul, was named Ad of the Year at a New York Auto Show news conference.

Spending on automotive advertising surged to a record $13 billion in the U.S. last year, carmakers putting about 4,400 different commercials in front of TV viewers in a bid to get potential customers into showrooms.

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“Today’s TV viewer is drinking from a firehose,” said Iain Beavis, Nielsen Automotive’s executive vice president.

The problem, said Beavis, during an event attended by several thousand automotive executives and reporters, is that there are all too many ineffective ads that are “wasting your money.”


Marty’s Marketing Minutia – Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics

Chrysler's buzz, Ford's global test drive, and $65k a year to blog for BMW.

by on Feb.21, 2011

How much buzz did Chrysler get from its Eminem ad?

Report diminishes Chrysler buzz

Lies, damn lies and statistics? Or is it perception versus reality? In the annual YouGov Polimetrix Brandindex study released this week that measures the brand buzz gained the days following the very expensive commercials on Super Bowl XLV, the now-famous Chrysler commercial was not among the top gainers across various demographics.

But before divulging the data it’s important to ask: What is YouGov’s credibility factor?

In the Know!

Based on reports in Advertising Age and Brand Week, YouGov is a weekly consumer perception report that daily interviews 5,000 people each weekday from a representative U.S. population sample from an online panel of 1.5 million individuals. YouGov calculated pre and post-game scores for perceptions of brands to arrive at net scores that present the percentage of respondents who have heard recent positive buzz about a brand advertised in the Super Bowl minus the percentage who have heard recent negative buzz about the brand. Seems a tight methodology to me.

Among all auto advertisers and all advertisers in the Top 10 Chrysler was ranked second in buzz change.


Marty’s Marketing Minutia

The best automotive ads of 2010 -- brought to you by Nissan?

by on Jan.04, 2011

It was a big year for Nissan, which not only launched the Leaf battery car, shown here, but which captured consumer attention with its TV spots.

The last strains of Auld Lang Syne have faded until next December 31st but the annual bacchanal of Car of the Year, or COTY, corporate ego/hype awards culminates next week at the Detroit Auto Show with the selection of the car and truck of the year, as determined by a select group of 50 auto journalists.

You can be certain the winners will proclaim their accolades proudly in their advertising, particularly television commercials, which even with all the social media acclaim and hyperbole, still gets the biggest part of every auto advertiser’s budget.  But just how effective and memorable are car commercials with consumers?

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Ace Metrix, a respected authority in television advertising effectiveness has just announced the Ace Score Top Television Ads in several categories including automotive advertising. The winners in the auto category are going to shock, surprise and stun some of the new crop of recently added advertising agencies and their clients as well as long term agencies still on the roster as agency of record.

The top 3 winners were: