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Poor Styling, High Costs, Quality Concerns Top Reasons Buyers Reject Auto Brands

Toyota’s safety issues led many to avoid brand, says new J.D. Power study.

by on Dec.15, 2010

Safety concerns have led many buyers to avoid Toyota products, says a new study.

Poor styling and problems with quality and reliability are two of the top reasons why potential customers will avoid a particular brand, finds a new study.

Overcoming such concerns is a key challenge for automakers with poor reputations, despite recent improvements, reports J.D. Power and Associates, in its annual Avoider Study.  But as concerns about their future viability lessens, domestic brands are getting back on motorists’ shopping lists.

Meanwhile, the latest data show that Toyota’s ongoing safety and quality problems could have a serious long-term impact on the brand, many current and potential customers scratching Toyota off their shopping lists.

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“Recent safety recalls have clearly caused some consumers to be hesitant in considering certain brands,” said Power’s Director of Automotive Research Kerri Wise. “In contrast, consumer concerns about the staying power of some domestic brands have been alleviated—following a swift move through bankruptcy proceedings—and due to the beginnings of a recovery in the automotive market.”