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Major Shake-up at Automobile Magazine

Editor Jean Jennings leaves, HQ moves to California.

by on May.29, 2014

For now, no major editorial changes are planned -- at least none being openly revealed.

The publishing crunch has caught up with another major automotive magazine, the parent of Michigan-based Automobile ousting its long-time editor-in-chief and moving its headquarters to California as part of a broader shake-up in its troubled media network.

Along with the hit to Automobile, generally considered one of the weaker of the mainstream monthly U.S. automotive publications, Source Interlink Media will “absorb” 12 of its more specialized publications into the even 10 core brands that will survive. Fittingly, the company plans to rebrand itself as TEN: The Enthusiast Network.

Media News!

Along with Automobile, the surviving publications include Motor Trend, perhaps the most successful of the automotive publications at expanding its brand beyond its print origins, Hot Rod, Surfer, and TransWorld. Gone will be the likes of Popular Hot Rodding, Mud Life and 5.0 Mustang.


Marty’s Marketing Minutia

This week's obituaries, oddities and obfuscations.

by on May.01, 2009

Why is this car here? The answer is hidded in the story. This Pontiac is for sale at

Why here? The answer is hidden in the post. This Pontiac is for sale at

My first new car and first car ad account was Pontiac

I was recruited and came to work in the Hills of Bloomfield for MacManus, John and Adams (MJ&A), not to work on one of the agency’s General Motors accounts — Pontiac, Cadillac, GM Corporate and Mr. Goodwrench — but as the account supervisor for Hush Puppies shoes. I had been the advertising director of a major, multi-brand-gender shoe company.

There’s a back-story of how Hush Puppies with that big, slobbering, ungainly Bassett Hound living logo account morphed into my working on Pontiac, so please allow me a little reflection.

The account, I learned the first day, that was in deep you-know-what.  Hush Puppies parsimonious veep of advertising in Rockford, MI was going justifiably nuts over wastrel profligate budgets, hated the creative, wanted exciting “VW-type” advertising, thought the agency team ineffective and was threatening to fire MJ&A, unless they hired someone with shoe industry experience to supervise the account.

Courtesy of Hush PuppiesThat would be me. 

“Get the damn account in line,” I was admonished by Chuck Adams, the president of the agency.  Lovely first day. And it wasn’t even lunch time.

The second day was worse. I got the client’s side of the story in a very long meeting, and it was not nice. The client told me, “Shape up the agency or it’s fired.” (more…)