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China Ups Pressure for Automakers to Go Electric

But Beijing delays production quotas until 2019.

by on Oct.02, 2017

The smog that covers Beijing and other large cities in China now has regulators examining a plan to eliminate vehicles powered by internal combustion engines.

Faced with endemic smog problems in most of its major cities, China is ramping up pressure on the auto industry to switch to electric vehicles.

While it has raised the target for a new zero-emissions vehicle program, it has also cut automakers a little slack by postponing the start of the new program until 2019. Nonetheless, the industry now has to adapt to the idea of building more and more battery-based vehicles for the world’s largest car market — and Beijing regulators are strongly hinting they’re preparing to announce new rules that would phase out the internal combustion engine entirely.

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Critics of the plans warn that Chinese consumers may not accept the shift to electrified vehicles and also argue that without finding an alternative for the coal fired generators that dominate in most parts of China, the new mandates may simply shift the source of pollution from the tailpipe to the smokestack. (more…)