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Latest Volvo Marketing Virus Spreads

Launched in May, The Game infects 850,000 computers.

by on Dec.11, 2009

People older than 20 can play too.

People older than 20, allegedly, can play too.

If only they could sell as many cars?

A free computer game launched last spring has been played on more than 850,000 computers, and adds about 20,000 new players every week. More than 300,000 people have watched YouTube films about the game. (In 2008 about 375,000 Volvo cars were sold.)

Volvo – The Game, a joint venture between game development company SimBin Group and Volvo Cars, uses a variety of models, including the S60 concept and existing C30, and older 855 and 240 cars, on simulated tracks.

The Chayka Racetrack in Kiev in the Ukraine, an entirely new venue for car games, possibly  helps to boost the appeal. And strictly speaking it’s not a virus, since the infection, er download, is voluntary.

“Using this communication channel, we have succeeded both in renewing our brand name and in reaching out with our new S60 model far beyond our regular customer groups,” says Michael Persson, director of market communication at Volvo Cars.



SimBim the developer of the toy claims that it is of higher quality than other freebies, hence the reason for its success.