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Fort Collins, Colorado Safest Driving City

Insurance report reveals which cities have the safest drivers.

by on Sep.02, 2010

In Fort Collins, Colorado the average driver will experience an auto collision every 14.5 years – about 31% less likely than the national average. This makes it the safest driving city in the U.S., according to claims data from the Allstate Insurance Company (NYSE:ALL) released today.

Auto accidents have declined drastically during the last few years as miles driven dropped and the Great Recession and rising unemployment took their tolls. However, crash fatalities still average around 35,000 every year despite technological advances, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Moreover, an epidemic of distracted driving injuries with more than 5,000 annual deaths is underway.

“Human error is the biggest cause of accidents. It is vital for us to educate drivers across the country on the importance of being tolerant and attentive behind the wheel,” said Mike Roche, senior vice president, of Allstate’s Claim Organization.


America’s Safest Driving Cities
City, Overall Ranking Collision Likelihood Years Between Collisions
1 Fort Collins, Colo. -31.2% 14.5
2 Chattanooga, Tenn. -22.7% 12.9
3 Boise, Idaho -22.3% 12.9
4 Colorado Springs, Colo. -20.0% 12.5
5 Knoxville, Tenn. -19.5% 12.4
6 Eugene, Ore. -18.3% 12.2
7 Reno, Nev. -18.2% 12.2
8 Huntsville, Ala. 18.1% 12.2
9 Lincoln, Neb. -17.9% 12.2
10 Cedar Rapids, Iowa -16.5% 12.0
Compared to the national average. Source: Allstate, Sept. 2010

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