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Marty’s Marketing Minutia: Holiday Special

Ho, ho, ho - now, please buy our car.

by on Dec.13, 2010

Ho, ho, ho...automakers hope to find plenty of green under their trees, this holiday.

Two signs the automobile industry is recovering from the economic maelstrom: one, there are more and better hors d’oeuvres at events sponsored by auto brands and two, satellites and cable transmissions are spewing out a seemingly endless variety of mind-numbing snow flake, smiling face, Santa, red ribbon commercials to sell viewers on buying that new car now. It’s perfect for Christmas, Hannukkah or Kwanza, right?

I haven’t seen all of the commercials, thank goodness, but Ace Metrix, an LA based research authority on television advertising effectiveness, has just released its Ace Scores for 2010 holiday-themed automotive ads. Overall these seasonal ads increased 10% over 2009.

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“Automobile ads scored higher this year, particularly the ‘Desire’ and ‘Relevance’ scores, which indicate that consumers are more receptive to the marketer’s message. Perhaps feeling more comfortable in their own financial situation, these ads are tapping into consumers’ pent-up interest in a new vehicle,” said Peter Daboll, chief executive of Ace Metrix.