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Buyers Take a Breather as August Auto Sales Slump

Makers hoping for strong September to regain momentum.

by on Sep.01, 2016

New vehicles sales hit the brakes in August as buyers appeared to take a break from the market.

Sales of new vehicles stumbled in August and as a result General Motors, Ford, Nissan and Toyota all reported significant drops sales year over year but transaction prices continued to increase right along with incentives, analysts said.

But Fiat Chrysler Automobiles N.V., which has come under for its reporting methods, said its sales increased 3% last month thanks to a strong showing by the Jeep brand, which continues to win new customers with its sport utility vehicles.

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Audi also posted a 2.5% sales increase, but Volkswagen, which has been in year-long sales slump, said its sales dropped 9%. (more…)

Auto Sales Slip a Bit, but Beat Expectations

Prices continue to push upwards.

by on Sep.01, 2015

Keep on trucking. Vehicles like the new Renegade helped Jeep score some of the industry's biggest gains in August.

Despite Wall Street’s shake-up, China’s sliding economy – and a fluke of the calendar – the U.S. auto industry did a bit better than anticipated in August, with far less of a downturn than some had predicted and a number of manufacturers managing to eke out strong gains.

While some brands, such as Toyota, saw sharp declines, others pushed into record sales numbers. And carnakers continued to see average transaction prices rise again last month, prices running at or near record levels for most of them, according to industry analysts.

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“In spite of a tough 2014 comparison and extreme stock market volatility, our dealer’s competitive spirit kicked in and propelled us to our 65th-consecutive month of year-over-year sales increases,” said Reid Bigland, Head of U.S. Sales. “Our Jeep brand turned in a double-digit increase while eight individual models, including four Jeep brand vehicles, set sales records.”


Blistering August Sales Swell Luxury Vehicle Numbers

Frenzied month may mean slower September

by on Sep.03, 2014

Lexus captured the August luxury car sales crown. It's the second month in a row the Japanese brand has done so.

Luxury car sales remained brisk during August as Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Lexus as well as Audi all posted healthy sales increases last month in what has become an increasingly contest sales.

As it did in July, Lexus bested its German rivals for luxury sales leadership by selling 32,809 cars and utility vehicles. Lexus sales increased 10.1%.

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“It was a great market from top to bottom in August,” said Jeff Bracken, Lexus group vice president and general manager. “Lexus had its second straight record-setting month as both passenger cars and luxury utility vehicles posted solid gains.” (more…)

Automakers Defy Expectations with August Sales

Chrysler, Nissan, Ford, Toyota all post gains.

by on Sep.03, 2014

Nissan Rogue sales were up 24% in August, helping the company to an 11.5% increase overall.

Easy credit, rising consumer confidence and strong demand for utility vehicles and trucks pushed new vehicle sales upward towards a seasonally adjusted average rate of 17 million units in August, helping the auto industry maintain the momentum it had built up throughout the summer.

Chrysler, Ford, Audi, Nissan, Hyundai, Toyota all posted sales gains during August while General Motors and Volkswagen reported their sales dropped last month despite the strong consumer demand for new cars and trucks.

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The strong results defied analyst expectations of a small overall increase of just .1%. In fact, multiple automakers reported they expected industry-wide August sales to rise 3% overall. The early reports support their assertions. (more…)

Some Surprising Winners and Losers in August Numbers

Ford F-Series dominates, but Camry makes its move as Acura ILX piles up on dealer lots.

by on Sep.05, 2013

U.S. auto sales were hot in August and perhaps no vehicle was hotter than the Range Rover Sport.

August saw the U.S. automotive market deliver its strongest sales surge since at least 2006, with double-digit increases the norm, rather than the exception.

Little Subaru posted the biggest gain for the month of any major maker, up 45% over August 2012. Volkswagen, meanwhile, was among the rare losers, with a decline of 1.6% – even though it had one of its best months in the U.S. market in the last 40 years.

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Strong sales can mask some big problems, but a closer look at the August sales numbers clearly revealed some winners and losers. (more…)

Luxury Cars, Japanese Brands Gain Big During August’s Sales Surge

Transaction prices top all-time record.

by on Sep.04, 2013

The traditionally strong selling season has proved hotter than expected this summer.

Japanese carmakers succeeded in picking up market share during August’s automotive sales boom, while surging demand for luxury cars, trucks and crossovers helped push up the vehicle prices to record levels across the board.

A sharp upturn in recent months has hit consumers squarely in the pocketbook. According to a report by, the Average Transaction Price – what consumers pay factoring in both incentives and options – surged 3.2% year-over-year to $31,252.

That hasn’t kept buyers out of showrooms, however, with the industry expected to have garnered sales that, on an annualized basis would have come in at or slightly above 16 million, according to industry analysts.  Most have been raising their forecasts sharply in recent months as showroom traffic continues to defy concerns about the unsteady economy.

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“The market is continuing to pick up steam, our sales momentum is on record pace and we have two major new products hitting the market in the next few weeks,” said Steve Cannon, president and CEO of MBUSA, which saw the Mercedes-Benz brand post a 21% increase for August to stay ahead of BMW.


September Car Sales Take Big Jump

by on Sep.27, 2012

Sales for subcompacts such as the Ford Fiesta are expected to be up 25 percent year over year for September.

Car sales have held steady during September, climbing by double digits from year ago levels. said September 2012 new light vehicle sales in the U.S. are expected to be up 10.5 percent from September 2011. The September 2012 forecast translates into a Seasonally Adjusted Annualized Rate or SAAR  of 14.6 million new car sales, up from 13.1 million in September 2011 and up from 14.5 million in August 2012 .

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The industry average incentive spending per unit will be approximately $2,468 in September 2012, which represents an decrease of 6.7 percent from September 2011 and decrease of 1.2 percent from August 2012.


August Auto Sales Beating Expectations

Buyers kept shopping despite hurricanes, ill economic winds.

by on Sep.01, 2011

The Versa helps Nissan buck the downturn by Japanese makers.

While a number of major carmakers have yet to report in, early indications suggest August auto sales exceeded even the more optimistic forecasts – despite fears of a double-dip recession and a hurricane that shut down much of the East Coast during the final weekend of the month.

Detroit’s automakers reported strong demand, especially for their more fuel-efficient models – as did Japan’s second-largest manufacturer, Nissan.  But sales of pickups and SUVs also fared reasonably well, as Chrysler’s Jeep brand reported.

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“We’re carrying good momentum and we’re cautiously optimistic that we’ll see U.S. economic growth improve in the months ahead,” said Don Johnson, General Motors’ North American sales chief.  During a media background briefing, Johnson suggested that, “Consumer are being cautious, yes, and appropriately so, but they are not retrenching.”


Revenge of the Clunkers – August Vehicle Sales Dive

Lavish taxpayer subsidies of last year come home to roost. Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Hyundai, and Ford post big declines.

by on Sep.01, 2010

The U.S. sales numbers for August on a raw basis are stark: Toyota is off -34% ; Honda Dropped -27%; Nissan down -27%; and even Hyundai and Ford – current media darlings- saw sales declines of more than 11%, compared with a year ago, according to Autodata Corp.

General Motors – in the midst of a stock offering where investor confidence will be key to success – saw wholesales of 185,000 vehicles, or a -25% drop from the year ago month. And the industry on average is off, sit down, -21%.

Offshore brands sold 555,425 vehicles during the month, down from 591,297 in July, but up from 525,845 in June. They occupied 55.7% of the market, a decrease from last month’s 56.3%. Asian nameplates, which greatly benefitted from Clunkers, took  a 46.9% share, down from 48.2% in July, but up from 44.8% in June. European nameplates gained slightly over last month with an 8.8% August share. Detroit Three brands finished the month with 44.3%, up from 43.7 % in July but down from 46.5% in June.

Executives universally claimed that the taxpayer subsidized CARS program – aka Cash for Clunkers – was responsible. It’s true Clunkers  artificially boosted sales rates to 14 million on an annual basis using, borrowed, taxpayer funds.  But more is going on here as consumer confidence remains badly shaken and sales tailed off during the month.   (See Ken Zino on Flat Incentives, Economic Blahs Kill August Sales)

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So, no surprise to the growing number of non-working stiffs, as this week’s growing unemployment numbers will reveal on Friday, the U.S. economy is tough, getting tougher and showing little signs of reviving in spite of record deficit spending by politicians, which was claimed to be the medicine needed to get it back on track. What we need is growing payrolls, not posturing pundits from either fat cat party or screaming “news” outlet.


Flat Incentives, Economic Blahs Kill August Sales

Mid-term elections loom large as Congress vacations.

by on Aug.31, 2010

Neither party appears to have a plan to restore middle class jobs.

New-vehicle retail sales in the last week of August slowed considerably, pulling down the August selling rate below 8.5 million units, according to the latest data from J.D. Power and Associates.

For total sales, the seasonally adjusted annualized rate (SAAR) is expected to come in below 11.4 million units, with fleet sales offsetting some of the weakness in retail sales.

This is far below the 16-17 million unit years the industry thrived on earlier in the decade, and the latest indicator – among many – that the U.S. economy is in trouble.

The final sales numbers, which will be out tomorrow as auto makers report shipments, increase the pressure on the incumbent Obama Administration to do something about the ongoing Great Recession and staggering levels of unemployment in the stalled U.S. economy.

While Republicans remain critical over deficit spending, the party that presided over the reckless practices of Wall Street that led to the current economic collapse are offering no ideas on how to get what was once $13 trillion in U.S. gross domestic production back on track, as businesses continue to cost cut, not invest,  and consumers stay home.