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Audi Super Bowl Ad Makes Pitch for Gender Equality

“What do I tell my daughter … that she will be valued less than a man?”

by on Feb.02, 2017

Audi's Super Bowl ad makes a statement, focusing on gender equality.

Politics seems to be infusing every aspect of Amercan life, these days. And even ride-sharing companies are being judged by some consumers according to where they stand on key issues.

But, Audi’s entry into the annual Super Bowl ad fest takes a novel turn, especially considering that humor is typically the most dominant approach during the big game. Instead, the German luxury carmaker has decided to get serious about the issue of gender equality.

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What should I tell my daughter,” begins the narrator of the 60-second spot, as he watches his daughter race on a go-kart track, “that she will automatically be valued less than every man she’ll ever meet?” (more…)

Scrubbing NAFTA Could Cost More Than 30,000 U.S. Auto Jobs

Workers, consumers could lose, not win, say experts, new study.

by on Jan.12, 2017

President-elect Donald Trump's opposition to NAFTA could have unexpected consequences.

If President-elect Donald J. Trump moves ahead with plans to derail the North American Free Trade Agreement, it could significantly impact the U.S. auto industry, but not in the way the incoming Commander-in-Chief had promised, according to a new study by the Center for Automotive Research.

After entering the presidential race in 2015, then-candidate Trump began targeting NAFTA as a major factor behind the loss of American manufacturing jobs. He has repeatedly called out automakers, including Ford, General Motors and Toyota, for importing Mexican-made vehicles, and threatened to either end or modify the trade deal or, alternatively, to enact a 35% tariff on goods brought in from the country.

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“Counter to the incoming Trump Administration’s goal of creating manufacturing jobs the withdrawal from NAFTA or the implementation of punitive tariffs could result in the loss of 31,000 U.S. jobs,” said CAR, a highly respected automotive research firm in Ann Arbor, Michigan.


Forget Sedans; Audi Q8 Concept Reveals Where Luxury is Really Heading

Production model to follow in coming year.

by on Jan.09, 2017

Audi revealed the new Q8 Concept at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit.

Like its key luxury rivals, Audi has long put a halo around its full-size A8 sedan, but how to respond to a changing world in which passenger cars are fading fast and even the most affluent buyers are opting for sport and crossover-utility vehicles.

The answer comes in the form of the Q8 Concept, a thinly disguised take on the premium SUV flagship that will soon be taking its place in Audi showrooms around the world. It made its debut Tuesday morning at the North American International Auto Show.

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“Even more luxurious than any Audi before,” Dietmar Voggenreiter, the brand’s global sales director, says the Q8 Concept reveals more than just what the new halo model will look like. It also previews Audi’s new design direction, while also introducing an array of new technologies set to appear in the production Q8 and other new models to follow. (more…)

Audi Brings New A5, S5 Cabriolets to U.S. Market

Completes midsize coupe line-up.

by on Jan.08, 2017

Audi's two newest cabriolets – the A5 and S5 – are hitting the streets as 2018 models and debuting at the Detroit Auto Show.

Few manufacturers have been rolling out more new products, especially on the luxury end of the spectrum, than Audi. And U.S. luxury buyers will get a good look at a pair of new convertibles from the German maker now that the 2017 North American International Auto Show is getting underway.

The all-new 2018 Audi A5 and S5 Cabriolet models complete the makeover of the brand’s mid-range coupe line-up, following the launch of the A5 and S5 two-doors last June in Germany, and the A5 Sportback at the Paris Motor Show last autumn.

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Like the hardtop A5 and S5, the new convertibles are meant to be what Audi CEO Rupert Stadler dubbed “the perfect fusion of form and function,” just with a little more open-air flair. (more…)

Audi Bringing Q8 Concept Car to NAIAS

Show car signals new design language, possible new flagship SUV.

by on Dec.22, 2016

Audi will show off its Q8 Concept at this year's North American International Auto Show.

Audi has some big plans for the North American International Auto Show, with two global debuts and another model making its first appearance in the U.S.

The debut generating plenty of buzz spotlights the Audi Q8 Concept, a complement to the flagship A8 sedan that gives a clear indication of the updated styling language guided by new Audi chief designer Marc Lichte.

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“With the Audi Q8 concept, we have created a new spearhead within our Q model line. Its design strongly evokes sportiness and prestige,” said Lichte in a statement accompanying one of these teaser images. “What’s more, we believe an important aspect of this showcar is that it offers a spacious interior with four equally comfortable seats, even with the flat roof line.” (more…)

Feds Plan 5-Year Phase-in of V2V Technology

Regulators project up to 80% reduction – or mitigation – of crashes.

by on Dec.13, 2016

V2V technology provides "360 degree awareness"," said US Transportation Sec. Anthony Foxx.

The nation’s top transportation officials want to see all new cars, trucks and crossovers equipped with Vehicle-to-Vehicle, or V2V, communications systems within five years, technology that Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx said Tuesday could help “avoid or mitigate” as much as 80% of the crashes that occur on U.S. highways.

The proposed guidelines, FMVSS 150, now will be the subject of a 90-day public comment period. Foxx said he expects the rules to be formally locked in place a year later. That would mean that at least 50% of the passenger vehicles sold in the U.S. would be equipped with V2V transceivers by the middle of the 2020 model-year, with 100% compliance by 2022.

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“It has been estimated that up to 80% of non-impaired collisions could be avoided or mitigated to reduce injuries” with the widespread use of V2V technology, said Sec. Foxx, who also said the Department of Transportation will now consider the possibility of requiring V2V systems on commercial trucks, as well.


Audi Launches 1st U.S. Vehicle-to-Infrastructure Project

Las Vegas system will alert drivers when traffic signals are set to change.

by on Dec.07, 2016

Audi is partnering with Las Vegas to use V2I technology to help Audi drivers avoid traffic congestion.

Driving down the Las Vegas “Strip” can be a maddening affair, with long lines of cars and seemingly endless waits for traffic signals to turn green. But Audi wants to de-stress the situation, at least a little, by alerting drivers when those lights are about to change.

Sit behind the wheel of a 2017 Audi A4, Q7 or Allroad and you’ll notice an icon on the instrument panel shaped like a traffic light. Come up on a red light when driving through Las Vegas and a timer next to the icon will begin to count down. As if by magic, when the number reaches “0,” the light will go green.

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That’s because Audi has tied into a new Vehicle-to-Infrastructure, or V2I, system designed to help motorists keep track of local road conditions, starting with traffic light information for Clark County, an 8,100 square-mile area that includes the City of Las Vegas. Similar V2I systems, as well as Vehicle-to-Vehicle, or V2V, technology, could soon become commonplace across the U.S. (more…)

Audi Gets Sporty with New A5 and S5 Sportback

Maker continues growth of the line-up with next-gem versions.

by on Nov.16, 2016

Audi unveiled the 2018 A5 Sportback laden with new technologies at the Los Angeles Auto Show.

Audi’s aggressive product assault continues, the maker giving American motorists a look at three new models at this week’s Los Angeles Auto Show. That includes the completely redesigned Q5, as well as the all-new Audi A5 and S5 Sportback models.

All three models took their first bows at the Paris Motor Show earlier in the annual show season, but U.S. shoppers may find themselves particularly curious about the Audi A5 Sportback as the fastback model is just joining the maker’s American product portfolio for the first time.

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As with the standard A5, the Sportback feaqtures the maker’s distinctive singleframe grille, though on the latest Audi models, the face is lower and wider. There’s a bit more sculpting than in past 5 variants, which tended to be rather slab-sided. Add new, wider wheel arches and a broad hood and the overall appearance is more planted and powerful. (more…)

Audi Sued, Facing Possible Probe Over Cheating on Gasoline Engine Emissions

Focus is on possible new “defeat device” to cheat emissions tests.

by on Nov.14, 2016

A new class action lawsuit claims some Audis, including some A6 and A7 models, may have emissions cheats on their gasoline engines.

Despite sharing two rigged diesel engines with the larger Volkswagen brand, luxury marque Audi has largely managed to sidestep the ongoing scandal that has cost parent Volkswagen AG about $20 billion so far.

But Audi could be heading into a heap of its own troubles. Four American legal firms have just filed a class action lawsuit against the brand, this time alleging the automaker has also rigged a gasoline engine to meet emissions standards. A German newspaper, meanwhile, is reporting that the discovery is leading to a new investigation by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, as well as California clean air regulators.

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The problem could exponentially increase the problems facing the automaker and parent VW. Volkswagen is currently unable to sell any of its diesel models in the U.S. until it can come up with an approved way to lower their emissions. If one or more gasoline models are found to be rigged, as well, the company could find a large portion – perhaps its entire line-up – barred from the market. (more…)

Audi Lights Things Up: New R8 to Get First US Laser Headlamps

System claims to significantly enhances night visibility.

by on Nov.02, 2016

Audi is the first automaker to get regulators' nod to use laser lamps in the U.S. market.

American motorists have been living in the dark ages, at least when it comes to getting the latest and most advanced automotive headlight technology. The often inflexible Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards have, until now, made it impossible for automakers to bring to the U.S. new laser lighting systems. But that’s about to change.

Audi has won approval to equip the top-end of its R8 sports car with new laser high beams. They will supplement the standard LED headlamps on the 2017 Audi R8 V10 plus exclusive. Unfortunately, only 25 of these models will be produced, but odds are we’ll see the laser tech now appear on some other Audis, as well as products from other manufacturers.

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There’s growing pressure on automakers to improve their headlights. Even with the latest HID and LED systems, a number of vehicles haven’t fared all that well in the new headlight tests run by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. Laser lamps could help solve that problem. (more…)