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First Look: Aston Martin 310 Vanquish

British marque reveals its “new hero.”

by on Jun.20, 2012

With the new 310 Vanquish, Aston borrows some styling cues - and the carbon fiber body construction - from its One-77 supercar.

The fact that Aston Martin had something big coming wasn’t exactly the most well-kept secret, especially not as a few blurry shots started appearing from the spy photographers always hiding in the hills surrounding Germany’s vaunted Nurburgring.

But now, the British marque has made it official, revealing that an all-new version of its top-line Vanquish model is heading to market, this one official dubbed the Aston Martin 310 Vanquish.  And if the new super-coupe looks familiar it shouldn’t be much of a surprise, either.  AM officials unabashedly admit they’ve lifted some of the new car’s most striking design cues from the Aston One-77 supercar.

Be In the Know!

Referring to it as the brand’s “new hero,” Aston Martin’s never-subtle CEO Ulrich Bez suggests the “AM 310 Vanquish is the ultimate expression of Aston Martin design ethos, engineering innovation and technical ability. It offers luxurious, continent-crossing capability and pure driving excitement without compromise.”


Sneak Peek: Aston Martin Rapide

Aston beats the spy photographers at their own game.

by on Apr.15, 2009

Aston Martin hopes to redefine the sports car market with its 180 mph four-door Rapide.

Aston Martin hopes to redefine the sports car market with its 180 mph four-door Rapide.

Our daring spy photographers go to great lengths to grab shots of tomorrow’s hottest products.  So what do we do when an automaker snaps some pics even before we get the chance?  Publish them, of course.

Aston Martin’s eagerly-awaited four-door sports car is still a year away from market, and its not expected to get its first public unveiling until late this year, but the folks in Gaydon thought we might want to see what they’re to.  So, take a good look at this grand tourer, which, we’re told, offers plenty of room for four grown-ups.