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Nissan Unveils Trio of High-Tech Safety Systems

Technology designed to “predict” and “suppress” collisions.

by on Oct.14, 2011

Nissan reveals an advanced system that can warn of a collision a driver can't even see yet.

Nissan has unveiled a trio of new high-tech safety systems that are designed to help prevent collisions or, where that’s not possible, reduce the chance of injuries and fatalities.

The maker’s move is part of a general trend in the market that has been led as much by the industry as by government regulators and reflects the growing consumer demand for safer vehicles.

While basic improvements in vehicle design have helped improve automotive safety many of the latest advances rely on onboard digital technologies that can monitor the area around a vehicle and, if necessary, respond even faster than a human driver.

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That, in fact, is the key to Nissan’s new Acceleration Suppression for Pedal Misapplication technology, which can prevent a driver from inadvertently stepping on the throttle when that might lead to an accident.  The system relies on the multi-camera system now used by the maker’s Around View Monitor, which provides a seemingly birds-eye image of the terrain immediately surrounding the vehicle.