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Carmakers Likely to Report April Sales Declines

Month has two fewer selling days, adding to the slide.

by on Apr.27, 2018

Sluggish sales in the U.S. are expected in April, which has two fewer selling days..

Analysts anticipate a drop in new vehicle sales when carmakers report their total deliveries for April next week.

U.S. new-vehicle sales in April are expected to fall 3.6% compared to April 2017, according to a forecast from Cox Automotive.

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Despite the expected volume decline, the sales pace in the U.S. remains strong, at a seasonally adjusted annual rate (SAAR) of 17.3 million units, above year-ago levels. In April 2017, the SAAR was 17.0 million, Cox analysts noted. (more…)

Weak Auto Sales Lead to New Ford Layoffs

Maker temporarily idles 130 workers at Ohio F-Series plant.

by on May.05, 2017

A Ford F-450 Super Duty pickup.

Ford Motor Co. will temporarily drop a shift at a pickup plant in Ohio due to slowing sales, a move that will idle 130 hourly workers.

The move comes at a time when U.S. motor vehicle sales have begun to slow after seven years of growth – and three consecutive annual sales records. Ford has been particularly hard hit by the slowdown in recent months.

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Automakers have become increasingly worried about a broader slowdown of the U.S. economy, especially in sectors that might impact sales of commercial trucks, such as the medium-duty pickups assembled at the Avon Lake, Ohio facility hit by the Ford cutback.


April Showers Automakers with Demand for Trucks, Crossovers

Many makers setting new records during the month.

by on May.01, 2015

Ford President Joe Hinrichs is thumbs up with good reason: F-150 sales were up 8% in April, helping Ford to a 5% jump for the month.

April showers resulted in a surge of buyers looking for new trucks and crossovers, which benefitted the bottom lines of nearly every automaker.

Ford finally broke out of something of a sales slump in April as it posted a 5% sales increase and General Motors, Fiat Chrysler, Nissan, Toyota and Audi all reported gains as sales of new vehicles boomed with the beginning of spring.

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The Dearborn, Michigan-based company said retail sales in April were the best in nine years. (more…)

April Auto Sales Up 9 Percent

Mid-size segment competition getting fierce.

by on May.02, 2013

The Honda Accord took over the top sales spot from the Toyota Camry in April.

As U.S. car sales continue to heat up in 2013, no segment is as hotly contested as the mid-size segment. If the offerings and efforts of carmakers and the April sales figures are any indicator the competition in that arena is only going to even more fierce.

For one thing, the Toyota Camry, the best-selling passenger car in the U.S. for the past decade, lost its edge in April as the Honda Accord took over the top spot after Camry sales fell 17% last month. Toyota still holds the top through the first place through the first four months of 2013 in what has been a healthy market for new cars during the past half year.

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Toyota executives suggested part of the reason for the drop in Camry’s total was decision to pull back from fleet sales. Overall, Toyota sales dropped 1.1% in April.


April Sales Buoy Industry – Economic Outlook

Industry planners sharply upgrade forecasts for rest of 2012.

by on May.01, 2012

Gaining momentum, the new Chevrolet Sonic.

It was the sort of month when even the “losers” could see the bright side.  Despite a modest decline in its own April sales, General Motors significantly increased its full-year forecast for an industry that continues to gain sales momentum despite near-record fuel prices and a variety of uncertain economic indicators.

If anything, the U.S. market showed strength in virtually all categories, and though more motorists clearly were looking for high-mileage small cars, demand surged for even some of the industry’s biggest products – sales of work trucks like the Ford F-150 and Nissan Titan suggesting to some observers that construction-related jobs are again on the rise.

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A variety of makers turned in strong numbers, Volkswagen reporting a 40-year sales high, Audi and Hyundai both achieving records for the month.

While Honda didn’t quite reach that level, the maker did gain 9.2%, year-over-year, while Japanese rival reported April sales were up 11.6%.  That’s good news for manufacturers that suffered the better part of a year of significant declines in the wake of the March 2011 Japanese earthquake and tsunami.


April Auto Sales Expected to Rise 19%

But mounting shortages of Japanese products meant fewer good deals.

by on May.03, 2011

In increasingly short supply: the 2012 Honda Civic.

When automakers begin releasing their sales numbers later today the industry could be in for some good news, April new car, truck and crossover sales expected to show a 19% overall gain despite concerns about rising gas prices and an uncertain economy.

But for consumers, the April sales held some disappointment, nonetheless, industry analysts say, with prices rising and incentives falling as the March 11 disaster in Japan began to curb the availability of Asian-made products.

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Indeed, some observers warn that April could be the end of the steady stream of improving sales numbers due to those shortages.  Honda, for one, yesterday warned dealers that it will be unable to keep up with demand for the new Honda Civic, while both Honda and Toyota have decided to delay the launches of several important new products in the months ahead.


U.S. April Auto Sales Anemic at Best

While executives project optimism, the numbers are weak.

by on May.04, 2010

Click on chart to enlarge.

April new-vehicle retail sales tallied 982,000 units, or a seasonally adjusted annualized rate (SAAR) of just over 11 million units,” according to Autodata Corporation.  

This looked okay when compared with an admittedly bad April 2009, but the fact remains the auto economy remains weak,  and incentives are propping up the market and pulling ahead sales.  

It is too early to declare that the auto recession is over. The latest information from the AutoPacific consultancy shows the intent to purchase a new car or truck in the next two years has declined over the January to March period. So there is the first problem — demand does not appear to be strengthening.  

Rising fuel prices are also complicating the outlook. The median fuel price paid in March 2010 was $2.82 per gallon, up 13 cents from January 2010 but up 86 cents per gallon from March 2009. However, interest in small cars and hybrids has declined over the last year, according to AutoPacific.  

When asked what kind of vehicle respondents would select if they were to replace their primary vehicle today, 22% selected a Small Car in March 2009, but by January 2010 Small Car consideration had fallen to 12% and continued at that level in March 2010. During this time, the price of fuel went up by 44% but the interest in Small Cars went down by 44%. This is an unwelcome trend for Detroit automakers in particular who are about to introduce new small cars such as Ford Fiesta or Focus, or the Chevrolet Cruze, which will feature at least one 40 mpg model.  

Detailed charts follow after the jump.  


April Auto Sales Suggest Economic Recovery is Real, Makers Say

But pace actually slowed a bit last month.

by on May.03, 2010

Despite some "challenges," automakers see good news ahead - even in the pickup segment, where models like the Chevy Silverado gained ground.

Despite some “challenges in our industry,” automakers hailed the generally strong pace of sales, last month, billing it as a sign that the nation’s economy is firmly on the road to recovery.

But industry analysts will be watching to see if automakers can avoid yet another incentive war, rebates and other givebacks clearly helping prop up the market the last two months.

The seasonally adjusted annual rate, or SAAR, for light vehicle sales actually dropped back just slightly to 11.2 million units during April but carmakers didn’t seem to mind.

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There was a general consensus that the economic recovery is genuine and sales will continue to improve. At Toyota, which saw a 24.4% jump in April sales, vice president Bob Carter said the signs clearly indicate that the economy is on the mend and interest among consumers in new vehicles is on upswing. 


April U.S. Retail Auto Sales Projected at Slightly Up

Economy remains stuck in park; jobless recovery continues.

by on Apr.22, 2010

April new-vehicle retail sales are expected to come in at 804,200 units, which represents a seasonally adjusted annualized rate (SAAR) of 9.8 million units, according to J.D. Power and Associates.


U.S. Sales and SAAR Comparisons, April 2010

April 2010 March 2010 April 2009
New retail 804,200 units (+22% April 2009) 849,735 units 659,458 units
Total vehicle 1,008,800 units (+23% April 2009) 1,063,987 units 819,126 units
Retail SAAR 9.8 million units 9.6 million units 8.0 million units
Total SAAR 11.5 million units 11.7 million units 9.2 million units
J.D. Power and Associates. Figures for April 2010 are forecast based on the first 15 selling days of the month.


When compared with an admittedly bad April 2009, retail sales are projected to increase by 22% in April 2010, and the selling rate is expected to increase by 1.8 million units.

Retail transactions are the most accurate measurement of true underlying consumer demand for new vehicles, according to Power, which gathers real-time transaction data from more than 8,900 retail franchises in the United States.


April Showers Dampen Industry as Annual Sales Rate Remains Stuck at 9 Million

Consumers sit out another month as the Great Recession deepens and lengthens.

by on May.01, 2009

Toyota Motor Sales Vice President Robert Carter - shown here at a Lexus preview - said Toyota will launch a new wave of incentives.

Toyota Motor Sales Vice President Robert Carter - shown here at a Lexus preview - said Toyota will launch a new wave of incentives.

Sales of new vehicles remained stuck in low gear during April–and actually seemed to tail off towards the end of the month, as consumers were engulfed by bad news like the flu virus and school closings, and the countdown to bankruptcy at Chrysler. Overall sales dropped 34% to an annual rate of just over 9 million units.

Nevertheless, some automakers suggested that sales may have finally bottomed out and Toyota said it was going to raise production of some models despite a 42% drop in sales. Toyota Motor Sales Vice President Robert Carter said Toyota was preparing to launch a new wave of incentives this month.

General Motors, Ford Motor Company, Chrysler LLC, Honda, Nissan and Volkswagen all reported sales declines in excess of 25% last month.

GM’s sales dropped 34%, Ford’s fell 40%, Honda’s decline 24.5%, Nissan fell 37.8%, while Mitsubishi’s sales dropped 55%. Sales by bankrupt Chrysler dropped 48%. Even the Korean carmakers felt the economic chill as Hyundai sales dropped 14% and Kia’s sales dropped 14.8%. Subaru’s sales also fell 7%. (more…)