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Apple’s Mysterious Autonomous Vehicle Program is Rapidly Expanding

Records show permits for more than 55 self-driving cars.

by on May.16, 2018

CEO Tim Cook has finally begun to offer some hints as to Apple's self-driving car program.

While Apple has yet to say much about its long-rumored car program, some intriguing information has come out thanks to the California Department of Motor Vehicles, the DMV revealing that the tech giant now has permits to test up to 55 self-driving vehicles in the state.

That would actually give Apple the ability to test even more vehicles than Waymo, the Google spinoff that has been far more open about its own autonomous ambitions – though less than General Motors, its San Francisco-based Cruise Automotive now holding permits for 104 test vehicles.

News You Can Trust!

And the DMV report does not cover other states where Apple might be testing, notably Nevada and Arizona, the two Southwest states that have positioned themselves as particularly friendly to autonomous vehicle researchers. Waymo, for example, is known to be running large fleet tests that may run into the hundreds of vehicles in Arizona, including both autonomous models requiring human backup “operators” and the first of its completely driverless prototypes. (more…)

Are You Siri-ous?

Apple wants automakers to add Siri "Eyes Free" button to steering wheel.

by on Jun.11, 2012

More and more cars now work with iPhones. Now Apple wants to do more work inside the car.

It’s hard to find a new car, these days, that doesn’t offer a USB port.  Make that a USB port specifically equipped with the specific cord designed to link an iPhone or some other Apple device to your vehicle infotainment system.

Based on plans announced by Apple at its annual software developer’s conference it appears Apple wants to grab a spot on the steering wheel, as well.

While your recent-model car likely already has a button to activate its voice command system its replacement might very well feature a second button to wake up Siri.  That’s Apple’s proprietary voice command system that can help you do anything from plug a destination into your navigation system to find the best synonym for “corporate arrogance.”

In the Know!

Apple is calling the button “Eyes Free,” according to the tech website Engadget.  And it appears the button would only operate an iPhone or another Apple device equipped with Siri – which is soon expected to include an update version of the Apple iPad.