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Aston Martin Going 100% Hybrid

All-electric models also in plan; but emphasis will be on performance.

by on Sep.05, 2017

The new Aston Martin DB11.

Best known for sleek sports cars like the new DB11, Aston Martin is plugging into alternative power, the British brand’s CEO telling that all of its products will be offered with hybrid powertrains in the near future, while as much as a quarter of its line-up will go fully electric.

That shift reflects, in part, growing pressure from regulators around the world, even Britain now laying out what could be a forced shift away from internal combustion. But Chief Executive Andy Palmer stressed that Aston says that won’t necessarily be a bad thing for its buyers as it will use hybrid technology as much to boost performance as improve fuel economy.

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An example of that will come with the arrival of the Valkyrie, the exotic hyper-car Aston unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show this year. Described by Palmer in an interview this week as “a symbol of our company, a symbol of what we can do,” the Valkyrie will use a Formula One-style KERS hybrid system to deliver over 1,000 horsepower, making it one of the most powerful vehicles offered on the retail market.


Aston Martin DB11 – “Most Important Car” in Marque’s 103-Year History

A little bit of Bond, James Bond?

by on Mar.01, 2016

The new Aston Martin DB11 delivers a 600-hp, 200 mph punch.

Long the favorite of cinema super-spy James Bond, Aston Martin stirred things up when it handed Agent 007 the keys to the new DB10 for his latest film, Spectre – but more than a few fans were left shaken when the British marque announced there were no production plans for the striking supercar.

Not to worry. The new Aston Martin DB11 unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show today should go down as smoothly as a good martini – while offering all the curves and sex appeal of the best “Bond Girls.”

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Meanwhile, there’s plenty of firepower under the hood. No, not the pop-up rockets or machine guns Bond has deployed over the years, but a 5.2-liter biturbo V-12 capable of propelling spy or average guy to 200 miles per hour, Aston claims.


Aston Martin Gets Cash Infusion

New crossover among possible benefits.

by on Jan.28, 2015

Aston offered a hint of its future design direction with the DB10 concept it created for the new 007 film.

With a new management team already in place, Aston Martin is getting gotten a fresh cash commitment from a big Italian investment firm that should help it move ahead with what is being billed as the most aggressive product program in the British marque’s history.

Among other things, the pledge by Investindustrial SpA could permit Aston Martin lagonda Ltd. To add its first crossover-utility vehicle to the line-up of products it plans to introduce in the next half-decade. Aston has laid out plans to double sales to 8,000 vehicles annually as its line-up expands.

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“Aston has an industrial plan which is growing in its ambitions and we have always planned to participate in all funding needs that Aston has,” said Investindustrial Chairman Andrea Bonomi speaking to reporters in Milan. “If Aston needs capital, we’re there.”


Top Nissan Exec Takes CEO Spot at Aston Martin

Andy Palmer was key force behind Nissan EV, autonomous programs.

by on Sep.02, 2014

Former Nissan EVP Andy Palmer introducing a prototype Nissan Leaf autonomous vehicle.

In an unexpected move, top Nissan executive Andy Palmer has left the Japanese maker for a new position as CEO of Aston Martin. The British luxury maker has been without a CEO since 70-year-old Ulrich Bez retired last November.

The move comes at a significant time for Aston which had been hit hard by the global economic recession. The maker recently lined up additional funding intended to help it launch the most aggressive product program in its history.

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But the departure of 51-year-old Palmer comes at something of an awkward time for Nissan which has seen several other high-profile departures recently, including the loss of Infiniti global chief John de Nysschen who last month became the new head of Cadillac.


Nissan to Put Autonomous Vehicle on Sale by 2020

But will legal climate keep hands-free driving technology out of the US?

by on Aug.27, 2013

Nissan EVP and global product chief Andy Palmer with a prototype autonomous vehicle.

Nissan will put a fully autonomous vehicle into production by 2020, the automaker announced Tuesday during a California event designed to show off its latest products and technologies.

Hands-off driving has become the Holy Grail of the auto industry, a concept that proponents claim could not only curb crashes, injuries and fatalities but also improve traffic flow, reduce energy consumption and limit CO2 emissions.

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Describing hands-off technology as “the next frontier for the auto industry,” Nissan’s global product chief, Executive Vice President Andy Palmer declared, “We will be ready to bring a readily affordable, fully affordable autonomous vehicle to the market by 2020.”


Farewell Audi, De Nysschen Heading to Infiniti

Will run global luxury operations as they move to Hong Kong.

by on Jun.04, 2012

New Infiniti global boss Johan De Nysschen, shown here celebrating word the 2010 Audi A3 had been named Green Car of the Year.

Having abruptly handed in his resignation to Audi, the maker’s former U.S. marketing chief will be heading over to Hong Kong, there to take the reins at Nissan’s new global headquarters for the Infiniti division.

The unexpected announcement last week accompanied a series of shake-ups across the Volkswagen upper management ranks – leading some to speculate that De Nysschen was unceremoniously pushed aside despite his enviable track record.  After years of lagging in the second tier among luxury players in the American market, Audi has recently been setting one record after another, with plans to double volumes before the decade is out.

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But Infiniti has its own ambitious goals and in his new post De Nysschen will be handling things on a global scale.  Earlier this year Nissan dropped word that it would put further distance between its mainstream operations and the luxury brand by moving Infiniti to Hong Kong.


Infiniti Production Shifting to China

Nissan luxury brand latest to target high-line Chinese market.

by on Apr.23, 2012

Infiniti launched the new M35hL stretch hybrid but is preparing for even more significant changes for China.

Luxury maker Infiniti is planning to begin production of two new models in China in 2014, part of aggressive global growth plans that also include shifting the Nissan Motor Co. division’s headquarters from Japan to Hong Kong.

Infiniti officials said they aren’t worried about an apparent slowdown in the Chinese market during the first quarter of 2012 – nor about the challenges some makers have had delivering world-class quality from Chinese assembly plants.

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“If the quality isn’t there, we won’t launch,” Andy Palmer, the executive vice president who oversees the Infiniti division, said during the first press day at this year’s Beijing Motor Show.

But the maker’s Nissan division has so far had very positive results at its own Chinese operations, which now rival the best in Japan, company officials stressed, giving them confidence they can move ahead with their plans to shift production of at least two Infiniti models to the Middle Kingdom.