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Analysts Lower Ratings on GM, FCA

Falling sales, rising incentives and oil prices dim view on makers.

by on Dec.28, 2016

Despite the introduction of new products and development on others like the autonomous Bolt with GM CEO Mary Barra, analysts cut GM's rating.

With sales peaking, incentives climbing, oil prices rising and production cuts coming, 2017 is already shaping up as challenging year for the global auto industry.

Some analysts have begun to scale back their outlook for the coming year, predicting that sales of new vehicles will decline as the boom that characterized 2015 and 2016 begins to fade.

By the Numbers!

The notion automakers are heading for difficulties was reinforced this week as Zacks Investment Research reduced its ratings on two the prime beneficiaries of the auto boom that got rolling back in 2010, General Motors Co. and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles N.V. (more…)