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Car/Boat Stalled, Gibbs to Launch Amphibious ATV

Start-up hopes new amphibian will loosen regulatory deadlock.

by on Jul.02, 2010

Hitting a sandbar. Gibbs still hopes to float its car/boat, the Aquada.

The dream of producing a fully capable amphibious car could move closer to reality after the company’s Quadski ATV hits the market next year.
While Gibbs Technologies plows ahead with plans to begin marketing the Quadski next spring, the progress on the company’s Aquada amphibous sports car has been stalled, but still could proceed with the help of Washington regulators.

The problem lies with federal regulators who want the vehicle to meet federal safety and emissions standards both on water and on land. Company officials say that building one vehicle that can simultaneously meet both water and road standards is technically impossible.

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The answer would seem to lie in a compromise to allow the company’s innovative vehicle to come to market, but federal regulators have refused to budge.

In the meantime, Gibbs is doing prototype testing of the Quadski, which as a powersports product, has far less restrictive regulations to meet than a road-going car.