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Americans Continue Cutting Back Driving

Road travel falls to lowest level since 2003.

by on Oct.26, 2011

Americans are driving less than they have since 2003.

If you’ve canceled the vacation trip, combined errands and cut out those Sunday drives you’re not alone.  Americans, in general, are driving less than they have since 2003, according to new government data.

Even though fuel prices have slipped in recent months, analysts are betting that this year’s near-record run-up has led motorists to rethink the amount of time they spend behind the wheel.  In many cases, it appears that motorists may simply be driving smarter, carpooling, for example, or linking up errands to avoid repeat trips.

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Whatever the reason, the Department of Transportation found that road travel – already on a decline – dipped another 1.7% in August, with U.S. motorists clocking a “mere” 4.6 billion miles.  That’s lower than at any time since the depths of the recession, in August 2009.

For the year-to-date, travel is down 1.3%, year-over-year, motorists logging 26 billion vehicle miles – less than at any time since 2003, reports the DoT.