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Feds Mandate Electronic Stability Control for Heavy Trucks

New safety regulation takes effect in 2017.

by on Jun.04, 2015

Heavy trucks and buses will be required to have ESC starting in 2017. Manufacturers and suppliers are producing collision mitigation systems already.

The nation’s highways and byways are about to get safer as federal regulators finalized the rules mandating heavy trucks and large buses have electronic stability control systems. The requirement takes effect beginning in 2017.

The systems, known as ESC, have been in use in light vehicles for decades – although not mandated until 2012 – and helps drivers maintain control of the vehicle in situations where spinouts and rollovers are imminent. The effort to get the technology into large trucks began in 2011.

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“ESC is a remarkable safety success story, a technology innovation that is already saving lives in passenger cars and light trucks,” Secretary of Transportation Anthony Foxx said. “Requiring ESC on heavy trucks and large buses will bring that safety innovation to the largest vehicles on our highways, increasing safety for drivers and passengers of these vehicles and for all road users.” (more…)

Battle to Make Tractor-Trailers Safer: Speed v Tires

Tires rated only to 75 mph, but trucks often exceed that speed.

by on Mar.31, 2015

The tires used by tractor-trailers are only rated for 75 mph. If driven faster than that, they can rupture.

The nation’s big rigs are often exceeding the 75 mph speeds that their tires are designed to handle, often with disastrous results. The problems may expand as many states consider raising speed limits beyond 70 mph.

According to the Associated Press, 14 states, most of them west of the Mississippi River, now have speed limits of 75, 80, even 85 mph in part of Texas. While car tires are rated to handle speeds up 112 mph, truck tires haven’t been raised to the same performance level.

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In large measure, most trucks are limited to 65 or 70 mph by governors put in place by fleet owners. However, the many of the state transportation agencies approved the new highway speeds without consulting the tire makers or industry advocacy groups. (more…)