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Update: Lutz, Fisker Partner On New VLF Force 1

When is a Dodge Viper more than a Viper?

by on Jan.13, 2016

The VLF Force 1 went from little more than a sketch to driveable prototype in just 10 weeks. Photo Len Katz

(This story has been updated with new information about the VLF Force 1.)

Two automotive industry veterans are planning to make a return to the market, Danish designer Henrik Fisker and former General Motors Vice Chairman Bob Lutz serving as two of the key partners in the new VLF Automotive.

They’ll be joined by industrialist Gilbert Villarreal in the venture, which will present its limited-edition supercar, the Force 1, at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit this week.

Keeping the Record Straight!

“I’m honored to become a partner in this automotive ‘Dream Team’,” said Fisker, who served as the chief designer at Aston on projects like the DB9 before setting up his own venture, Fisker Automotive. That plug-in hybrid maker went bankrupt in 2013.


Spy Shots: Devon GTX Prototype on the Track!

First look at the new American-built supercar.

by on Jul.02, 2009

This is the first true spy shot of the Devon GTX, the planned American supercar.

This is the first true spy shot of the Devon GTX, the planned American supercar.

Sometimes hiding in plain sight is the best way to get spy photos, and that’s exactly how we managed to photograph this Devon GTX undergoing aerodynamics testing. Patience and persistence also play a big role: besides the obvious, we waited until the Devon GTX was packed up and the hauler was heading out-of-town before we offered these revealing images.

This is the VERY FIRST time that the Devon GTX has been seen, driven on a track and photographed!! Any and all previous “photographs” were actually computer-generated imagery (CGI) and no concepts have ever put on display, but our photos are the real thing and prove that the production Devon will be true to the concept rendering!

Subscription is free!

Subscription is free!

In addition, this is the first evidence that Devon is using up-and-forward doors and that it sports a glass roof and carbon-fiber body. Other observations include a full belly pan and – although we were unable to discover exactly what’s powering the Devon GTX, we did overhear the engineers bragging about the 650-horsepower.

This test date must have been an important one, as we spotted company, Scott Devon, company founder, and British LeMans champion Justin Bell driving the soon-to-be American-built supercar.