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American Motorists Still Engaged in Distracted Driving

Survey shows U.S. drivers not as courteous as they could be.

by on May.19, 2016

U.S. motorists are still exhibiting the same distracted driving behaviors they've been warned about for years.

Despite years of warnings about the dangers of distracted driving, a new study reveals a mixed bag of results about American motorists and those behaviors: U.S. drivers dislike those behaviors, but are still seeing them in big numbers.

They’re also admitting to continuing to do the things they criticize. For example, 22% of people survey for the annual Expedia Road Rage Report said that texters are the most annoying and dangerous drivers on the road. However, 37% of those same folks admit to multi-tasking while behind the wheel.

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The survey covered various aspects of driving and how people felt about them. As mentioned, the “Texter” is the most annoying, but “The Tailgater” followed at 14%, and “The Last-Minute Line-Cutter” was a close third, garnering 13% of the votes. (more…)

Low Gas Prices Encourage Near-Record Driving Levels

U.S. drivers traveled 3.02 trillion miles in 2014.

by on Mar.23, 2015

U.S. drivers put on the miles in December, hitting a new record of 251.4 billion miles.

The recent drop in gas prices encouraged Americans to get out on the roads at near-record levels in 2014. U.S. motorists traveled 3.02 trillion miles last year: 1.7% more than the 2.97 trillion in 2013.

The result was the second-highest total ever recorded in the 69 years the stat has been tracked, according to the U.S. Department of Transportation, behind only the 3.03 trillion miles posted in 2007.

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While low gas prices means it’s easier on the bank account to get out and about, there is a downside to so many folks being on the roads. (more…)

Americans Continue Cutting Back the Miles

But more planning to hit the roads over Labor Day.

by on Aug.26, 2011

Americans are driving less than in years.

Pay more, drive less.  That seems to be the formula more and more American motorists are following these days.

Despite a bit of a reprieve as fuel prices slip slightly, it appears U.S. motorists are steadily trimming back on travel, whether for vacations or simply when running errands, according to the latest data from the Federal Highway Administration.

For the first half of this year, Americans drove 1.453 trillion miles, a 1.1% decline compared to the January – June period the year before.  It was also a 44 billion mile decline from the first half of 2009, when Americans set a motoring record of 1.497 trillion miles.

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But lower fuel prices could encourage more drivers to get back behind the wheel – the AAA projecting that the nation’s holiday travelers drive more and fly less during the long Labor Day weekend.

June brought the fourth straight month of declining traffic, according to the Highway Administration.  Overall travel was down 1.4%, with the biggest decline in South-Gulf region.