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Ford’s Heavy-Duty Trucks Also Going Aluminum

Maker charging ahead with lightweight metal for F-Series.

by on Sep.30, 2014

Ford plans to expand its use of aluminum in its trucks to include its Super Duty line-up.

With its new full-size F-Series pickups set to migrate to an “aluminum-intensive” design for 2015, Ford Motor Co. officials have confirmed that the maker’s heavy-duty models also will switch to the lightweight metal when they are redesigned several years from now.

The standard-duty full-size trucks will drop as much as 750 pounds in mass, Ford previously revealed, a move that should yield a significant boost in fuel economy. In turn, “Lightweighting offers a once-in-a-lifetime chance to conquest” buyers away from competitors such as General Motors and Chrysler, said Jim Farley, global sales and marketing director, during a presentation to industry analysts on Monday.

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Ford is just preparing to roll out the new F-150, a move observers believe could be one of the most important it will make for years to come. That’s because the entire F-Series line-up – including standard and heavy-duty models – makes up the single best-selling product range in the U.S. auto industry. (more…)

GM Picks Up on Ford Example for En-lighten-ment

Maker moving to aluminum for trucks by 2018.

by on Feb.19, 2014

GM appears to be the next automaker moving to use aluminum body panels on its full-size pickup trucks.

The Great Pickup Truck War may be escalating to another level as General Motors is moving to match Ford’s F-150 by using aluminum body panels to save weight and increase fuel mileage by 2018.

The Detroit-based maker is feeling the pressure to keep up with Ford, which is being seen as an innovator by using the material, as well as to meet ever-toughening federal fuel standards, according to a story in the Wall Street Journal. GM officials declined to confirm it was focusing any specific material to cut weight on its trucks, but added it is examining all possibilities when it comes to materials and saving weight in its vehicles.

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GM secured deals with aluminum suppliers Alcoa and Novelis as part of the move for the next generation GM full-size truck, the paper reported. (more…)

New Ford F-150 An “Aluminum-Intensive” Game-Changer

Design could have competitors scrambling – or leave skeptical buyers on sidelines.

by on Jan.13, 2014

While the new F-150 may look as if it received only a touch up for this year, it's the extensive use of aluminum that's the real improvement.

The all-new F-150 making its debut at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit this week might initially look like little more than an evolutionary step forward for the best-selling pickup. But with its shift from steel to aluminum Ford hopes to rewrite the rules in the tough-truck segment. It’s a move that could send competitors scrambling – but also risks leaving skeptical buyers sitting on the sidelines.

Only a few years ago, skeptics began to wonder whether the once-massive full-size pickup market might be dwindling into insignificance. Indeed, during the depths of the recession, sales dipped to a mere 1.1 million, barely half the segment’s previous annual peak. But with the U.S. economy finally building momentum, the housing market, in particular, showing signs of life, pickup sales soared in 2013, to a solid 1.9 million.

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Leading the charge was the Ford F-Series, which accounted for sales of 763,402 trucks last year, about 283,000 ahead of its nearest competitor, the Chevrolet Silverado. That cemented the F-Series’ hold on the market as not only the best-selling truck in America for 37 consecutive years but also as the best-selling vehicle overall for 32. (more…)