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Automakers Tout Green Efforts

All new Chevy models will show “EcoLogic” label.

by on Feb.02, 2012

Chevy's new EcoLogic label will first appear on the new Chevrolet Sonic small car then expand to the rest of the brand's line-up.

You’ve got to go green to earn some green, it seems.

Automakers are putting ever more emphasis on their environmental efforts, touting even the most subtle efforts to win over ever more Earth-conscious buyers.  That includes everything from adding new zero-emission products to their line-ups to the use of plant fibers to replace parts and components traditionally made from oil-based materials.

Manufacturers have come to realize that while it’s hard to get a premium for going green they can tarnish their image and lose sales if they don’t

It's Free!

Chevrolet will make sure that consumers don’t miss its efforts, starting with the compact Sonic model.  It will next month introduce the maker’s EcoLogic label, designed to explain how the vehicle was made, how it can be recycled and how much fuel was saved using alternate materials.  General Motors’ largest division plans to roll the EcoLogic label out across its line-up in the coming year.