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Acura Gives it Another Try with “Aggressive” TLX Refresh

Taking another swing for the bleachers.

by on Apr.11, 2017

Acura is looking to spark some life into its sedan sales with a new "aggressive" midcycle refresh of its TLX.

Acura has hit a number of balls out of the park in recent years with SUVs like the MDX and RDX. However, where it continues to strike out is with its passenger car models.

The luxury arm of Honda is hoping to improve its batting average with the refreshed 2018 Acura TLX making its debut at this week’s New York International Auto Show. Designed to pick up on the more “aggressive and sporty” cues of the recent Acura Precision Concept, and with plenty of new technology, the Japanese maker is looking to join the luxury big leagues.

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“We’ve really upped the ante in terms of styling, emotion and road presence, more effectively communicating the TLX’s dynamic capabilities,” declared Jon Ikeda, Acura vice president and general manager, as the new 2018 TLX rolled into the Big Apple. (more…)

Acura Looks at Change from the Inside Out with Precision Cockpit Concept

Adapting the car to a connected, autonomous and electrified future.

by on Nov.16, 2016

Acura carried on its "Precision" design exercise from the Detroit show last January in Los Angeles with the Precision Cockpit.

Japanese luxury brand Acura pressed the design boundaries when it revealed its Precision Concept vehicle at the Detroit Auto Show last January. As the new auto show season gets underway, Acura is going from outside in, giving us a look at what tomorrow’s automotive interior might look like as key trends like electrification, connected tech and autonomous driving take hold.

Meant to complement the edgy Precision Concept vehicle, the Acura Precision Cockpit debuting at the Los Angeles Auto Show is not just sportier than the typical vehicle interior but adopts a more high-tech, touchpad-based approach to controlling vehicle functions.

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“Absolute positioning transforms the touchpad experience, making it personal, intuitive and particularly well-suited for premium, driver-centric, performance machines,” said Dave Marek, Acura’s executive creative director. “It’s also designed to be quickly and easily adopted, as drivers become acclimated and comfortable in minutes.” (more…)

Trucks Carrying the Load for Honda

New Ridgeline pickups, SUVs responsible for surging sales, profits.

by on Aug.03, 2016

A scene from a new Honda Ridgeline ad.

When it first began rolling into the U.S. market nearly five decades, Honda put the emphasis on pint-sized products like the 600 minicar. The brand was barely noticed by American motorists until the twin oil shocks of the 1970s put fuel economy high on the priority list.

A new series of ads Honda is launching this week shows how much times have changed once again. Dubbed the “Power of Ridgeline,” the campaign focuses on Honda’s recently relaunched midsize pickup. While Honda continues to offer American buyers downsized models like the Fit, HR-V and Civic, it has reason to be focusing on the truck side of its line-up.

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Overall, American Honda reported a 4.4% increase in sales for July, running ahead of a U.S. market that some fear is beginning to slow down after six years of rapid growth. But that only tells a part of the story, for it was the truck side of the line-up that propelled Honda’s strong showing last month, models like the Ridgeline, CR-V and Pilot up 12.2% year-over-year.


Acura Abandons Hybrid Drive for NSX GT3 Racecar

Debut follows NSX victory at Pikes Peak International Hill Climb.

by on Jul.07, 2016

Acura will campaign the NSX in the GT3 series.

The newly reborn Acura NSX makes use of an unusual three-motor hybrid system, but when the sports car starts campaigning in the FIA GT3 series later this year, it will adopt a more conventional driveline layout, Honda’s luxury division revealed today.

It’s not that Acura wouldn’t like to use its hybrid drivetrain to challenge the competition, but the rules currently won’t allow it, Art St. Cyr, president of Honda Performance Development, told

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So, the NSX GT3 will use a track-modified version of its 3.5-liter twin-turbocharged V-6 when it begins its racing career, and a good portion of that powertrain will be lifted right out of the street edition Acura NSX.


Acura NSX EV Prototype Takes Aim at Pikes Peak

All-electric powered racer making historic run.

by on Jun.23, 2016

The Acura NSX EV concept will make the Pikes Peak run using four electric motors: only.

Acura is eyeing a run up Pikes Peak when the annual hill climb commences in the coming weeks. And what better car to do so than the new NSX supercar? How about an Acura NSX prototype that adds a fourth motor and will run entirely on battery power?

In recent years, a number of battery-electric vehicles have plugged into the annual Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, including entries from Honda, Nissan and Mitsubishi. The new NSX is seen as a particularly promising entrant because of its advanced battery powertrain which uses its electric motors not only for propulsion but also to enhance steering.

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“We’ve been tuning the car for several weeks at Pikes and have advanced its performance significantly,” said Tetsuya Yamano, who piloted last year’s Honda CR-Z prototype up the 14,114-foot tall mountain and who will now drive the NSX. “We’re honored to be running at Pikes in this historical, anniversary year – an event respected by racing fans all over the world.” (more…)

Toyota, Acura Hold Highest Five-Year Residual Values

Toyota also has most models with best-in-class returns.

by on Apr.14, 2016

The 2016 Toyota Tacoma is expected to retain 66% of its original value after five years, according to

New cars, trucks and sport-utes are flying off dealer lots in 2016. Pent-up demand and available credit are making it easier than it has been in some time to buy a vehicle.

While those are some of the factors in buying a car, what about buying the next new vehicle? It’s good to know how much one can expect today’s new car to be worth in the future when it comes time to trade it in. released its Best Retained Value Awards today and if the new vehicle you bought is a Toyota or an Acura, the site thinks you’re going to be pretty happy in five years.

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Toyota products captured five market segments in the contest and also won the overall top prize for retaining 53.8% of its value after five years. and Acura won the luxury brand award for the fifth consecutive year for retaining 47.6% of its original value after five years. (more…)

Acura Taking New NSX Racing – Minus the Hybrid

Maker still hopes to find a way to put 3-motor hybrid system onto track.

by on Mar.25, 2016

The NSX GT3 is ready for the race track, although there is a significant difference between it and the consumer model: the hybrid part.

Acura is taking its all-new NSX supercar racing, but there’ll be a distinct difference from the model just set to start rolling into U.S. showrooms in the coming weeks.

To get the two-seater accepted into the GT3 series, the Japanese maker has to make some radical changes to the NSX powertrain, abandoning the unique, three-motor hybrid system that is an essential part of the equation for the street model.

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“Otherwise,” explained Art St. Cyr, the head of motor sports operations for Acura’s parent, Honda Motor Co., “we couldn’t get the NSX homologated,” or accepted into the racing series. (more…)

Acura Updates MDX, Adds Performance-Oriented Sport Hybrid Model

MDX Sport Hybrid shares 3-motor powertrain with new Acura NSX.

by on Mar.23, 2016

The 2017 Acura MDX made its debut Wednesday at the New York International Auto Show.

They might seem to sit at opposite ends of the automotive spectrum, but the newly updated Acura MDX sport-utility vehicle has a lot in common with the Japanese luxury maker’s NSX supercar.

The 2017 Acura MDX made its debut Wednesday at the New York International Auto Show, revealing a new face heavily influenced by the Acura Precision Concept unveiled in Detroit earlier this year, starting with the distinctive, diamond pentagon grille. But the new ute also will get a slightly toned-down version of the NSX’s unique 3-motor hybrid powertrain.

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While the electric Super-Handling All-Wheel-Drive, or eSH-AWD, system will deliver a marked improvement in performance, it’s also expected to yield a full seven miles per gallon better city fuel economy than the base V-6 powertrain offered for the 2017 MDX. (more…)

First Drive: 2017 Acura NSX

More than the sum of its numbers.

by on Mar.14, 2016

A fully loaded NSX will nip $210,000.

Both feet planted firmly onto the floor, the engine revs up and holds, a resonant exhaust note echoing through the cabin.  Launch Control ready, I lift my foot off the brake and am rewarded with a neck-snapping lurch that even an aircraft carrier pilot could appreciate. A mixture of gasoline, adrenaline and G forces narrow my vision as we race down the track, past 60, 80, 100 mph, before finally slamming on the brakes again.

After a series of missteps and delays, the Acura NSX is back, and our first drive reveals it was well worth the wait. In an era of mind-boggling horsepower and performance numbers, the new two-seater is neither the fastest, nor most powerful, sports car on the market, but its exotic looks, breakthrough hybrid drivetrain and uncanny ride and handling make the 2017 Acura NSX a serious contender in a crowded market.

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And with its combination of hybrid power and all-wheel-drive, the new NSX is a surprisingly easy car to handle, something that could even make it a daily driver for some buyers.


Acura Considers Option for Brawnier NSX Type-R

“Plenty of room” to boost performance of new supercar.

by on Feb.26, 2016

The 2017 Acura NSX.

Acura began taking orders this week for the all-new 2017 NSX, marking the return of the 2-seat supercar after a decade’s absence.

The new model isn’t just an update of the old NSX. Acura has opted for a unique new hybrid drivetrain pairing a twin-turbo V-6 with three electric motors. The package delivers a solid 573 horsepower and 476 pound-feet of torque, enough to hit 60 in well under four seconds, according to preliminary tests.

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But in a world where even 600 horsepower has become almost commonplace, Acura insiders told that they’re looking at ways to bump power and performance up another notch or two – and that could mean the introduction of an even more extreme Acura NSX Type-R within the next several years.