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Sneak Peek: Acura um, er, Intrigue?

Can you identify this mystery car?

by on Mar.17, 2009

We're taking bets on what this shot from Acura really reveals.

We're taking bets on what this shot really reveals.

Okay, we have to admit those once in awhile…not very often…but on the odd occasion…we’re simply and totally stumped.  As we are, right now.  And maybe we’ll regret admitting it tomorrow.

But here’s the content of an e-mail we received, just a little while ago from the folks at Acura — just a bird’s eye view of a largely blacked-out coupe or sports car and the word, “Intrigue.”

Okay, so we are intrigued.  And we’ve been spending quite a bit of time searching the web and calling our contacts for a definitive answer.  We’ve seen reports of a prototype Acura spotted with an Intrigue badge.  But that seems more than a bit odd as that’s the trademark name of an old Oldsmobile model, and we’re not sure how the Japanese maker would get around that restriction.

Unless we’re wrong, we’ll be seeing more of this image in the weeks to come.  But we’d like to share this, er, intriguing shot and ask readers to weigh in on what they think we’re seeing.